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Lifestyle by Laqfoil - Volume 3

Lifestyle by Laqfoil Volume 3 Play by your own rules: do what you love to do designing your living space. In Laqfoil we love what we do. We hope you will too. If you want something with grace and elegance, modern and contemporary, invite us to help you with your ceilings and walls. We want you to create an interior



Permanently Cover up Stucco

Removing stucco/ popcorn from your ceiling is a time consuming and messy process. Even having to cover it up with ceiling planks may take you a few days and you will have to move everything out of your room first. The only solution is ……………to install a Stretch ceiling. No mess, no dust, quick installation. … Continue reading Permanently Cover up Stucco

Lifestyle by Laqfoil – Volume 2

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors…” Jim Morrison A Stretch ceiling consists of a membrane or fabric, stretched wall to wall, custom-made to any size and surrounded by a welded harpoon. The tracks allow for any shape and suspension and are cut and secured to the perimeter of … Continue reading Lifestyle by Laqfoil – Volume 2

Fashion and Interior Design

As with many other things, we in Canada are enjoying yet another European innovation that has found it’s way into North American markets. What we are talking about is a new type of ceiling and wall finishing. Fashion that dictates all the trends in both home and interior design, has greatly influenced the area of … Continue reading Fashion and Interior Design

Lifestyle by Laqfoil – Volume 1

Change your interiors, change your lifestyle. Laqfoil ceiling products can be utilized both at the construction and renovation phase for any residential or commercial project. In terms of design, we have over 280 stock colors and textures, and can create custom shapes, suspended panels, back lit panels, three dimensional and multilevel forms. Click on the … Continue reading Lifestyle by Laqfoil – Volume 1

Come home to Elegance

Laqfoil stretch ceilings are unique and exquisite. These “French” style ceilings are available and manufactured right here in Toronto.  Wouldn’t you like to come home to an elegant classy atmosphere that fits within your budget? You can entertain in style in the comfort of your own home. With over 280 colors to choose from, the … Continue reading Come home to Elegance

Art Ceilings and Unique Installations

Ceiling painting has been popular for centuries. From as early as 1450 to today, ceiling art has been used in decorating the interior space. Beautiful, remarkable works of art can be found in many museums throughout the world and can inspire wonderful creations in your own home. Universal Stretch Ceilings offers creative solutions for interior … Continue reading Art Ceilings and Unique Installations

Project Sun Shine

For those of you who had a chance to stop by our Universal Stretch Ceilings showroom and take a look at our stretch ceilings, decorative wall panels and 3-D shapes, you have probably seen our Sun wall panel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it in real life, we welcome you to come … Continue reading Project Sun Shine