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Stretch Ceiling Solves Indoor Pool Issues

Stretch ceiling is an especially suitable product for rooms containing pools, hot tubs, and other sources of high humidity and chemical vapours like chlorine and bromine. Being non-porous, Laqfoil’s stretch membrane resists mould and mildew which can grow in moist environments, and blocks the spread of humidity,



Portraits for Mirage Restaurant

Laqfoil stretch ceiling comes as a system of membrane and tracks, or profiles, which hold the membrane in place. This simple two part configuration is amazingly versatile, enabling us to install stretched ceilings and stretched wall murals of various shapes and sizes including curved ceilings and multi-level ceilings. With the addition of translucent stretch ceiling … Continue reading Portraits for Mirage Restaurant

Gentrification of US Navy Residence, Washington D.C.

Here in Toronto, we hear a lot about gentrification, the conversion of older neighbourhoods to upscale condominiums, workplaces and retail spaces. The phenomenon is both intensely local, and international in scope. Everywhere, it seems, particular types of neighbourhoods, such as dockside industrial areas, are no longer required to serve the uses for which they were … Continue reading Gentrification of US Navy Residence, Washington D.C.

Royal Toast Cafe · Crêperie

Thornhill has a new Kosher eatery, and it shines!With the tag line “Create Your Own”, Royal Toast is a unique spot to experience various styles of Panini and crepes in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. The bistro’s new black and white stretch ceiling completes a timeless look featuring equally glossy ceramic tiles, multiple video screens, … Continue reading Royal Toast Cafe · Crêperie

Banners for Oprah Winfrey’s Event

Laqfoil recently supplied a large number of large banners for Oprah! Oprah’s 8 city 2014 U.S. tour, Live the Life You Want Weekend kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 5th and 6th, and will continue until November 15th, wrapping up in San Jose, California. The banners had all been previously designed, harmonizing all the … Continue reading Banners for Oprah Winfrey’s Event

World Gym, Waterloo

The stretch membrane noise barrier that we erected at World Gym in St. Catharines has proven so effective that other locations of the iconic chain have planned to do the same thing in order to control sound travel. The typical design for a World Gym has high ceilings and partial walls. This allows abundant air … Continue reading World Gym, Waterloo