Planet Dentistry Welcomes Clients After Complete Renovation


If planning an upcoming dental office renovation, consider including beautiful Laqfoil stretch ceilings able to uplift, distract and fascinate clients.


The trend in medical and dental offices involves creating a less institutionalized environment with use of creative interior design projects. Now, dental professionals are learning the secret to reducing client anxieties about undergoing a dental procedure. One fantastic way to instantly upgrade your currently dull, cold or dingy office ceilings is to install one of the available options in innovative stretch style ceilings. This is an affordable, practical and simple way to immediately recreate your dental office atmosphere into a relaxing and pleasant space.

Exciting Options in Sensational Stretch Ceilings

This patented process offers many benefits and practical solutions. Interior designers, commercial business owners, residential home owners, home builders, architects and others can all use the technique to get a unique and gorgeous ceiling or wall renovation. This process is being used to hide old tile, insulated or popcorn type ceilings. The material is able to be placed over the existing undesired ceiling or wall surface.

Transform Your Space with Revolutionary Laqfoil Interior Design Methods

It is possible to totally transform your office or other space using this revolutionary and stunning ceiling and/or wall surface. The material is much like a canvas, and this canvas is stretched into the desired form and attached to an aluminum perimeter track simply by clipping it into place. There is no need to move furniture or to remove the older ceiling.

Create a Warm and Welcoming Environment by Installing a Backlit Ceiling

This type of novel ceiling product can give the surrounding space a brand new look that others will envy. Additionally, this ceiling or wall surface can also create a warm and welcoming environment. To really set the right atmosphere, consider installing a backlit ceiling. This lighting method can help instill a tranquil ambiance that everyone in the room will feel and appreciate. These inspirational lighting options can reflect on the room’s impressive artworks, architectural design and give light to otherwise dark and dreary places. The stretch type ceiling process can be worked around existing light fixtures also.

Planet Dentistry looks spectacular following the complete renovation that included several beautiful stretch-styled ceilings. The talented designer, Emilia Jojart from Intex Design, worked hard to create the look that client, Jerry Vasilakos, wanted. Special thanks to everyone involved in this stunning project. The warm hospitality was greatly appreciated.

There is a wide variety of designs, colours and lighting options when choosing to install the versatile stretch ceilings using this superb process. Consider a reflective white ceiling, or choose 3D wall murals with awesome backlit ceilings for a memorable dental office renovation clients won’t forget. Visit for details and previous project photos.

Diana Kennedy,

Marketing at Laqfoil Ltd.



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LAQFOIL Stretch ceiling. Bucatini Restaurant & Wine Bar

LAQFOIL Stretch ceiling. Bucatini Restaurant & Wine Bar. Unique custom design and installation.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch Ceilings
“…our designer wanted to use stretch ceilings for this job, for few reasons, one the soundproofing, as well as a modern contemporary look of it and the application ease. We found a local company Laqfoil that does Stretch Ceilings, and we had them come, take a look at the job and quote. It fit into our budget and time frame, and that’s why we chose to go with Laqfoil.”

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Did you know?


Powerful anti-germ, anti-fungus properties of our ceiling that will remain for the lifetime of the LAQFOIL Ceiling Surface. Not affected by temperature changes, withstanding a range of -40C to +6OC while constantly maintaining tension. Ideal material for medical environments.


LAQFOIL Ceiling Completely fire and safety certified according to National Building Codes. Class 1 in Canada, USA & Italy I M1 in France & Belgium I B1 in Germany and not affected by temperature changes, withstanding a range of -40C to +6OC while constantly maintaining tension.

Stretch ceilingStretch ceilingstretch ceiling
Stretch ceiling
stretch ceiling

stretch ceiling from LAQFOIL®

stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling from LAQFOIL®