Custom Printed Wall Paper from Laqfoil





Custom Printed Wall Paper

Want to give your office a seasonal theme or promote your latest innovation? Regardless of what you want to achieve, we can do it.

With Laqfoil Stretch Surfaces, you can create unique custom wallpapers to personalize your space into an exciting visual experience that can covey just about any message that you can think of. Ideal for corporate offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, or living rooms, bedrooms, game rooms and more.

There are many benefits of Laqfoil Stretch Surfaces. Our high quality Custom Printed Wall Paper murals cover unattractive spaces and are easily applied to any type of wall without damage, guaranteed to look great for years to come.

Custom Printed Wall Paper

Custom Printed Wall Paper


Unlimited Design Possibilities

Options for artwork to be included in Custom Printed Wall Paper murals are limitless. You can include favorite photographs of your family, a beautiful scenic vista, or a corporate logo to display. Anything that can be uploaded to our computer can be printed.

Custom Printed Wall Paper

Custom Printed Wall Paper. Options and Textures

We offer premium vinyl and canvas base materials for our Custom Printed Wall Paper that span up to 5 meters or 16 feet wide, that allows us to expand to unlimited dimensions. From high gloss, matte or translucent finishes, our design team can install eye-popping graphic art on any chosen surface, whether it is a wall or ceiling.

Custom Printed Wall Paper


Though they are long lasting, our wall murals can be safely removed, reinstalled or even repositioned at any time. In fact, clean removal is covered by a 25-year manufacturer warranty for prints applied using standard industry methods to a well-prepared wall.

Custom Printed Wall Murals

Bring an entire empty wall to life! From commercial to residential use, we’ll make the sure that the final product looks every bit as beautiful as you envisioned.