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Profiles are the extrusions from which we build the frame that holds the membrane. The two following types of profiles are those most frequently used by Laqfoil for installing Laqfoil Descor membrane. There is no limitation on the lengths available, and both can be bent to fit around curves on the x - y or z axis. Both have a thin plastic “fin” (shown to the lower left in each picture) that seals the space between structure and profile, preventing the accumulation of
dust, moisture, or bacteria.
Plastic AM Profiles
Used for installations where there is a need to fill additional space between the structural elements of the building and the Descor material. One of the most common applications for these profiles is the acoustic enhancement of a room. Extra air space attenuates sound, and the addition of acoustic insulation and/or Descor acoustic membrane will attenuate it even more.
Plastic AM Profile
Plastic AP Profiles
AP profiles provide for a very thin (under 0.4”) layer of air between the membrane and the existing ceiling or wall surface. These profiles guarantee the stability of the wide format print surface in case of drafts, wind, etc. They are attached to the ceiling, wall or structural members by the wider side.
Plastic AP Profile
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