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Laqfoil Descor is an innovative new stretched ceiling product made of polyester mesh, coated with polyurethane. These materials are similar enough that, like other Laqfoil products, it is fully recyclable. The polyurethane coating protects the fabric from absorbing odors, vapours, particulates and liquids, and makes the
material static resistant.
What sets Laqfoil Descor apart from other stretched ceiling membrane materials is that it can achieve perfect tension without welding, joints or additional attachments for up to 16 feet in width, and 250 feet in length, and it works especially well with digital printing. It also has a distinctive woven fabric texture for design concepts where an artificial “plastic” look is not appropriate. The underlying woven structure also makes this material less vulnerable to sharp objects than our standard PVC-based membrane. If a width of more than 16 feet is required, Laqfoil Descor may still be installed to fit by using two framing profiles back to back in order to form a seam.
Like our other membranes, Laqfoil Descor allows for the integration of existing or new ceiling elements such as pendant lamps, pot lights, sprinklers, and HVAC vents. It can also be installed on walls, where it allows for electrical switches, power outlets, and other wall fixtures.
Laqfoil Descor meets all U.S. and Canadian building code criteria, and has an “R1” fire rating code. Descor is available in a variety of colours, white, black, iridescent sparkle and translucent white.
Other benefits include:
• Improved acoustics in spaces where it is installed
• Maintenance free, washable if necessary
• Re-installable and changeable, without any need to demount the original framing profiles. • Antibacterial
• Available in a translucent version especially designed to be backlit
• Sound and thermal insulating qualities
• No cracking, peeling, facing, bubbling, or toxicity
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