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 The Power of Images
Laqfoil Descor pushes the boundaries of design, allowing the designer to give free rein to his or her imagination. A synergy is created, blending technology and design with the potential for a composition that exceeds the sum of its parts.
We have the latest high-definition printing methods at our disposal, printing these seamless membranes (up to 5 meters wide) at more than 360dpi, in millions of colours. Ask your Laqfoil representative for our latest print specifications.
Banners, images, advertising, corporate logos... dare to do whatever you can dream. Play with scale, infuse colour and movement, make any wall or ceiling into whatever you wish! Peaceful landscapes, ocean and beach views, and organic close-ups can create a relaxing environment. Ordinary spaces can be made extraordinary. Use city, country and sky views to create vistas where none exist. Images of almost any type can be printed on Laqfoil Descor, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.
Children’s bedrooms, dining rooms, restaurants, cinemas, corporate offices and trade show booths are just some of the spaces where this technology can be used to unify and reinforce a design concept. Thanks to an innovative plastic framing and support system (profiles), Laqfoil Descor is not limited to just bringing images to your space, it can also be installed in any shape you wish; circles, waves, curves, diamonds, crystalline shapes, right angle turns, cones, and more can be wrapped in printed or unprinted Laqfoil Descor membrane. No matter how elaborate the sub-structure, bespoke creations to fit any location are no problem!
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