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Stretched ceiling membrane does not support the weight of any fixtures, so lighting that appears to be mounted on a stretched ceiling is actually mounted to the structure above, and just passing through the ceiling. We cut openings for lighting on site to ensure correct location, and insert a collar around each opening to reinforce it in the same way as a buttonhole in fabric is reinforced by stitching. We have or can fabricate collars to fit just about any shape or size of ceiling mounted fixture there is.
Pendant Lighting
The supporting structure and electrical connection for a pendant light may pass through a stretched ceiling, or may be supported by a suspended 3D sculptural form covered in stretch ceiling membrane, or may actually be one of these forms, with translucent membrane on at least one side and fluorescent or LED lights inside.
Back Lighting
Related to the suspended 3D sculptural form is the light box which may be wall or ceiling mounted. It may be printed with any image, and the printing can be done on our translucent membrane material. While this option lends itself particularly well to wall-mounted branding in corporate or retail spaces, It may also be used to create ambient lighting cum artwork in any space.
Where there is a dropped ceiling tile system, we can manufacture replacement acoustic tiles covered with stretched ceiling membrane to fit into the existing grid framework. Where there is no lighting, we create our tiles with a solid core, but where there is lighting, we can manufacture a frame to support a translucent membrane which also fits right into the existing suspension framework. In either case, the membrane can still be any colour or sheen, and can still be printed with any image, allowing for a great deal of creative freedom.
Fibre Optic Lighting
One of the most exciting design options for stretch ceilings is the incorporation of optical fibres. This is the most often done to achieve a “starry sky “ effect. One LED illuminator can power up ut to 1000 of
fibers. The installation of such project begins from positioning, equally distributing and sescuring fibers around the ceiling surface area. Each fiber then connects to the LED illuminator and fastens inside. Once the system powered up, the light transmits through the genrator and lights up tips of fibres. This truly creates an effect of “twinkled“ stars.
Based on the model of the LED generator, different settings could be programmed. Effects such as “ milky way” , “falling stars” , “ galaxy” , could be easily achieved with programing option. The illuminator could also have an option of a
color change, so when its lid, any chosen color or combination of such may change.
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