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Laqfoil Perforated Stretch Ceilings
Laqfoil perforated PVC stretch ceiling membrane is the easy way to create acoustic comfort with the attractive appearance of a stretched ceiling.
For maximum auditory comfort, a perforated PVC membrane is installed below the room’s existing ceiling, and above a second, non-perforated stretch ceiling membrane. This second membrane is the one that is seen, and can be chosen in a colour and finish to work with the room’s décor.
Sound waves from sources in the room are partially absorbed through the holes in the perforated membrane, while air in the pores offers resistance to the initial sound wave, partially transforming it into heat energy. Air in the space created between the existing ceiling and the perforated membrane provides additional resistance. Further vibrations of reflected sound waves are absorbed by the two layers of stretched ceiling, thereby ensuring that the reverberation time in the room is significantly reduced.
Absorption efficiency in perforated stretched ceilings is determined by the following characteristics:
• Diameter of the perforations
• Distance between perforations
• Thickness of the PVC membrane
• Distance between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling
Taking these characteristics into account, it is possible to choose the best solution to optimize the acoustics in any room. Laqfoil carries 2 types of perforated PVC membrane, with differing perforation sizes and spacing.
Type 1:
Microperforated Stretch Ceilings:
Key Features:
• Diameter of perforations: .1mm
• Distance between perforations: 2mm • 250,000 holes/square metre
• Thickness: 0.17mm
Type 2:
Large Diameter Perforated Stretch Ceilings: Key Features:
• Diameter of perforations: 1.3mm
• Distance between perforations: 8mm
• 20,000 holes/square metre
• Thickness: 0.17mm
Installation Recommendations
It should be emphasized that acoustic comfort improves not only with entertainment recordings such as music and movies, but also with silence and conversation in the room, unfavorable noises of all kinds are reduced.
In most cases, it is enough to install Laqfoil stretch ceiling membrane for good noise absorption in the room. It is advisable to create a void plenum of at least 10cm for noise reduction.
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