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 Laqfoil: Your Stretched Ceiling Provider
Formerly Universal Stretch Ceilings, Laqfoil has over 14 years’ experience in all aspects of stretch ceilings, including the manufacturing process.
Our CEO, Jack Verchenko, started installing stretch ceilings in 1999, and opened our current head office and manufacturing facility at 2-20 Magnetic Dr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 1, 2010. We have over 300 active dealers worldwide, mostly in North America, and are continuously offering education so as to authorize more. With a lean and efficient staff of less than ten, this location is the first and only North American facility that produces ready-to-install stretch ceilings, so we and our authorized distributers have the fastest turnaround time in North America.
We offer custom-fitted stretch ceilings in over 280 colours with curved or straight seams, multiple colours, multiple ceiling levels, printed ceilings and wall murals, standard and bespoke tiles and panels covered with stretch membrane, as well as 3D sculptural objects, backlit translucent ceilings, and fibre-optic lit starry sky ceilings.
• Australia
• Barbados
• Canada
• Columbia
• Iceland
• India
• Mexico
• Nigeria
• Oman
• Thailand
Where to find Laqfoil:
• Trinidad
• Ukraine
• US
• UK
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