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Laqfoil Membranes
Laqfoil PVC (Polyurethane Polyvinyl Chloride Cadmine Free) membrane is about as thin and lightweight as a building material can be. The thickness is 0.12-0.14 mm, and one square meter of membrane typically weighs about 170-180
translucent, and perforated acoustic.
We carry over 280 colours of PVC membrane. The colour is integral, that is, it is not applied to the surface membrane,
While it is possible to digitally print any graphic or image on PVC membrane, most of our clients prefer the look of Laqfoil
polyester canvas material. Our canvas is also much less stretchy, so there is less chance of an image becoming distorted in the installation process. Ink colour is rich, brilliant, accurate and stable on either surface. It may be desirable for a particular design to have a contrast in textures, and some abstract designs may look just as good with a little distortion as without, so this is not a hard and fast rule, but these considerations should be taken into account in planning your design.
are only 0.2mm (0.008 inch) wide, visible only at close range or under direct light. Welding is done at our Canadian manufacturing facility, so stretching the membrane across a large void such as a swimming pool is not a problem during installation. Our welding job is guaranteed for 10 years.
of high gloss paint on an imperfect surface, which highlights every imperfection.
Please Note:
Colours may not be exactly as depicted. Please request material samples for accurate colour matching.
Not all available colours are shown here.

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