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 Laqfoil Descor (Polyester Coated by Polyurethane)
Laqfoil Descor is Wall and Ceiling application material, made of polyester knitted fabric coated with polyurethane.
Such coatingprotects the fabric from absorbingodors, vapours, particulates and liquid. Additionaly , polyurethane finishing,
makes membrane static resistant.
What sets Laqfoil Descor apart from other types of strecth ceiling materials, is that it is not strechible and does not require
to be pre-heated during installation. Material has a quite distinctive woven fabric texture, wich gives it a classic look, once installed. Laqfoil Descor could be intalled in maximum width of 16 ‘ without any seems or joints. Special plastic profiles, that use to secure and hold the material under constant tension, have thickness of 0.25 “. So, when a new surface created and installed, the
material would be coming down from the existing surface by only 0.25 ”.
Laqfoil Descor is a prime material for digital print applications. It absorbs ink on a texture level and delivers amazing colours.
Such printed applications cam safely be used both, inside as well as an outside.
Descor Acoustic
The membrane could be installed on ceilings, walls or self hanging suspended structures.
between 30-80 %. The system improves sound insulation, just as much as it promotes ind improves the terms of hearing. Descor acoustic membrane is available in white and black colors. It can also be UV printed without losing its acoustical
Descor membrane is environmentaly friendly and 100 % recyclable.
Descor Translucent
element , LED, is installed behind the membrane at the minimum distance of 6 inches to prevent from hot spots. The distance between LED light strips has to be equivalented to the depth of the light source. This formula helps easily calculate amount of light source required based on the area.
Fast and clean installation
Does not require maintenance Anti- Static
Up to 16’ in width without seems Printer friendly

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