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  Health & Safety:
  Laqfoil meets current international standards
Laqfoil stretched textiles:
• Canada - Class 1
• U.S.A. - Class 1
• Italy - Class 1
• Great Britain - Class 0 •
• Belgium - M1
• Germany - B1
Support extrusions:
• PVC extrusions - M1
• Aluminum extrusions - M0
   Laqfoil Stretch Ceiling Membrane does not develop a smoke when in contact with an open flame
  Sprinklers, smoke, heat , carbomonoxide detectors, can easily be incorporated into the new surface of stretch membrane.
   Water Damage
  Laqfoil membranes are impermeable to water, vapour and humidity unless they are perforated.
   Safety +
   Surveillance cameras, emergency illumination, signage, and any other technical devices can be incorporated in Laqfoil stretched ceilings and walls upon installation by authorized Laqfoil installers
• Laqfoil Acoustic complies with the technical recommendations of the French Ministry of
Education for classrooms (APAVE Alsace) •
   • United States Testing Company Inc. Biological Services Division
• International Maritime Organization (IMO)
   Food Safety
 • The National Centre for Vetrinary and Food Studies of the French Ministry of Agriculture
membrane meets hygiene standards perfectly.
• Greenall Food, a microbiology consultant, reported that after sterilization, Laqfoil stretch membrane showed zero bacterial growth.
  Laqfoil stretch membrane and support extrusions are made of non porous inorganic materials which do not harbour the growth of any microorganisms, including fungii, moulds, mildew, yeast and bacteria
  Stretch ceiling has been approved for use in public buildings by the French Ministry of the Interior following tests by competent authorities
Meets applicable standards for public buildings in numerous countries
  Lloyd’s International has approved stretch ceiling for marine use
  Durability + Stability
 In over 14 years, we have never had a stretch ceiling fail to retain its shape and colour.
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