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Fire Safety:
PVC membrane:
• Certified CAN-S102 & ASTM-E84
• Awarded new European classification: EN13501-1 Rating: B S1 d0
• UK Equivalent to Class “0” designation for building regulations. (European Tested)
• USA fire rating Class 1 Type A designation for building regulations. (European Tested) Descor membrane:
• Certified as DIN4102-B1; NFPA 701, acc. M1, IMO
• European classes DIN EN13501-1, B-s2, d0 fire safe.
• Canvas material is fire permeable
Chemical Resistance:
• Resists at a maximum concentration of 15%: sulphuric acid, nitric acid
• Resists at a maximum concentration of 10%: soda lye
• Resists water and damp, seawater, copper salt solutions, X-rays, UV rays
Antistatic: Typical average for High Gloss – 4.10 at 11ohms
Electrical safety:
• Stretch ceiling membranes (vinyl and canvas) are electrical insulators and pose no electrical risk or hazard.
• Descor canvas tracks are also made of plastic and are electrically safe.
• Aluminum tracks of vinyl installations have to be installed according to the requirements of the
regional Building Code and the insurance underwriter of the household or business as applicable
to indoor wall mounted installation of light metallic structures.
• Laqfoil uses only CSA and UL approved stretch ceiling accessories
Environmental Sustainability:
Membrane and profiles are 100% recyclable, as well as consisting of far less material (PVC film is 0.2mm thick, one square meter of membrane typically weighs about 170-180 grams) than other ceiling materials, and providing thermal attenuation to the spaces where installed.
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.16 x cal/m H°C
Heat coefficient K with 3 cm air gap + 4.5 cm glass wool insulating materials: K = 0.785 Stretch technology materials are rated for -400°C/F to +600°C (+1400°F)
Hygiene: Non-toxic, antifungal by nature, sanitizable, washable
• High performance flexible textile, flame-retarded throughout
• Guaranteed cadmium-free
• PVC membrane: Polyvinyl chloride-based copolymer, cadmium free
• Descor membrane: Polyester with a special polyurethane (PU) coating
Technical Specifications
   High Gloss
 Thermal Emission Factor: NH/PTH:
 Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL:
      Typical Microbiological Trial 14 Days: Chlorinated solution wipe, after 7 days inoculated (European Tested):
   Bacterium: E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mould
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