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 Installation Recommendations
The tests shown on the previous page, measuring acoustic characteristics of PVC stretched ceilings in a living room, showed that the installation of perforated stretched ceiling in combination with non-perforated stretched ceiling reduced the
reverberation time in the room and created comfortable acoustic conditions.
It should be emphasized that acoustic comfort improves not only with entertainment recordings such as music and movies, but also with silence and conversation in the room, unfavorable noises of all kinds are reduced.
In most cases, it is enough to install Laqfoil stretch ceiling membrane for good noise absorption in the room. It is advisable to create a void plenum of at least 10cm for noise reduction.
If the room requires a higher level of sound absorption due to its purpose, we recommend additional sound absorbing materials. Combining these with stretch ceilings can increase the sound absorption class of the entire assembly to the ‘B’ level, which is the most absorbent.
   Characteristics of Laqfoil Perforated PVC Stretch Ceiling Membrane
  Membrane only
 Membrane plus acoustic panels
 Sound Absorption Coefficient αω
  αω = 0.3 – 0.4
 αω = 0.85
 Class of Sound Absorption
 D (Absorbent)
 B (Maximum Absorbency)
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