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  Large diameter perforated stretch ceiling membrane allows for the presence of engineering systems in a plenum. The larger holes allow for a free flow of air, and in the case of fire sprinklers, water. The normal aesthetic function of a stretch ceiling
can still be maintained as well.
For example, large diameter perforation acoustic stretch ceiling membrane is ideal for the pool area of a gym, spa, or hotel. The greater air circulation that these perforations allow for prevents condensation from accumulating in the plenum.
Public buildings also tend to have much larger entrances and exits than private buildings. This can mean that when these doors are open for crowds to pass through, the air pressure inside can change dramatically. Non- perforated stretch ceiling will, in this case, “breathe”. There will be a visible movement, much like a pair of lungs inhaling and exhaling, in the ceiling. This does not damage the membrane, but may not be in harmony with the designer’s aesthetic intent.
Large diameter perforated membrane does not perform as well independently to achieve acoustic comfort as the small diameter perforated ceiling membrane does. In order to achieve full acoustic comfort, acoustic panels should be installed on the original ceiling as well.
Large diameter perforated membrane can be used to achieve unusual lighting effects. These will be softer with fluorescent lighting and more pronounced with point source lamps, such as L.E.D.s. For an even softer effect, an additional layer of white or translucent membrane may be placed between the ceiling and lamps, and the perforated layer. By reducing visible “hot spots” where the lamps are, the perforations take on the illusionary appearance of being soft light sources themselves. If we add programmable RGB colored LED strips to this setup, the effect becomes even more
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