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  Why LAQFOIL Stretch Ceilings better then regular drywall or drop ceilings ?
What is LAQFOIL Stretch Ceilings ?
Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings is a European concept of finishing new and existing surfaces, by use of a stretchable membrane. Such membrane used for multiple application, even those that have no affiliation with ceilings per say. Our Stretchable Membrane can be used for walls applications, free standing structures and suspended modular panels. Stretch ceiling technology offers products that are alternative to drywall or drop tiles. It completely eliminates need of use of a drywall or any other similar product for a new developments. Laqfoil stretch ceiling applications could be used to enhance an existing or new finishes. Upon installation it provides perfectly leveled, ideally flat and appealing finishing.
Due to its versatility, Laqfoil Stretch Surface Material offers you benefits that no other known products posses. It works as a combination of both, structural finishing , as well as decoratively enhanced solution. It could be installed without need of having a drywall. Alternatively stretch membrane could be installed over any given existing surface, creating independent, perfectly leveled and ideal surface. Your new stretch product would not touch or get into contact with an existing finish, such as drywall, stucco or concrete. 25 years warranty from discoloring, sagging or transforming. Over 260 colors and dozens of finishes. Direct print application. Energy efficiency and much more.....That’s What Differentiates Laqfoil Products from others.

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