Are you tired of looking at your popcorn or stucco ceiling or wall?

Do you need to repair your ceiling?

Maybe you just need to cover up unfinished drywall or unsightly wires?

Many traditional ceiling options on the market today are very difficult to install, repair or replace. They take many hours of heavy manual labor, even more hours of finishing time while dust manages to creep into every area of the space.

luxury rooms with reflective backlit stretch ceiling

LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling Technology is an innovative solution to achieve a perfectly flat, durable and quality ceiling or wall. We guarantee fast production and installation times, a mess-free dust-free environment and a cost-effective way to transform your ceilings.

HOW CAN WE HELP? Essentially we hide any type of ceiling and wall surface…whether its popcorn ceilings, stucco ceilings, tiled ceilings, insulated ceilings, unfinished ceilings, ceilings that need repair and just plain ugly ceilings! We also hide wires, ventilation systems and bulkheads.

HOW DO WE DO IT? LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling Technology consists of two parts. An aluminum perimeter track that follows the shape of your room and a lightweight Stretch PVC, Canvas or Transparent membrane that stretches and clips into the track. It is installed right below the existing ceiling leaving a gap of 0.5”-1” between the old and new ceilings. In many cases, our ceiling acts as the only primary ceiling surface covering the exposed beams, insulation and wires.


There are so many benefits to LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling and Surfaces. While it creates a beautiful solution for a smooth ceiling, wall or 3D surface, the Stretch Surfaces have unique properties exclusive to them:

  • Stretch surfaces are 100% fireproof, waterproof, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and will never collect dust, stain or discolor
  • It’s strong enough to hold water up to 100L on a square meter surface, in case of water leakage from above. In which case, we are able to remove ceilings, clean any watermarks and return the same ceiling looking brand new.
  • Installation is clean and fast! Removal of furniture is not necessary because we work around your environment. There will never be any dust, mess or wait for paint to dry. We work around your schedule to give you the best service possible
  • We integrate any light (Pot Lights, Pendent Lighting etc.) or ceiling fixture (Sprinklers, Exit Signs, Servalliance Cameras etc.)
  • We provide a 15-Year Manufacturers Warranty on all surface materials and a 2-Year Warranty on our Installation

Visit our benefits page to learn more!

WHAT ABOUT DESIGN? We could go on and on about design. We can help design or build any ceiling or wall design you can imagine. Whether it’s a flat, curved or geometric surface we can build and install it. We have many LAQFOIL® Lighting products from large-scale back lighting, edge lighting to Starry Night Sky Effect. We create LAQFOIL® Printed ceilings or walls (that can all be backlit) with a size up to 16’ x 200’ long. We have over 280 colours and finishes that include high-gloss, matte, pearl and metallic.

custom stretch ceiling glossy




If you have any questions about Popcorn Replacement or any other questions about our products and installation, we would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact a team member
at INFO@LAQFOIL.COM or 1-888-663-1708

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