Lifestyle by Laqfoil – Volume 2

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors…” Jim Morrison

A Stretch ceiling consists of a membrane or fabric, stretched wall to wall, custom-made to any size and surrounded by a welded harpoon. The tracks allow for any shape and suspension and are cut and secured to the perimeter of your room using various types of anchors chosen, according to the material nature of the existing wall, ceiling, or sub-framing to which they will attach.

LAQFOIL technology provides an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and environment friendly alternative to common drywall and stucco ceiling finishes and allows for the direct application of wide-format prints, seamlessly incorporates light and illumination and improves the acoustics of a room.

It is easy to install and maintain, does not fade or lose tension over time, saves heat and energy, and is recyclable.


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