LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces is an excellent solution for swimming pools, wet and high-humid environments. Surfaces are ideal to cover existing walls and ceilings as protects against high humid temperatures without being affected by chlorine, sulphor or corrosive evaporations. It is 100% waterproof, anti-microbial, resistant against water stains, odors and mildew meeting Health and Building Code standards.

LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces offer a maintenance-free, water impermeable ceiling in high-gloss, matte or transparent for lighting solutions for residential, commercial and public areas. Pool areas are compatible with our entire product lines including Custom Print, LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions, LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions, LAQFOIL® 3D Forms and Interior Signage Products.


Whether you want to create a 3D form or simply avoid surface obstacles, LAQFOIL® Stretch Surfaces offers customized modular frames. We custom build hanging structures, bulkheads, chandeliers or signage with little restriction to shape, dimension, color or finish. 3D wave panels and abstract forms are a popular ceiling shape with LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions being built into some locations to control noise levels. LEARN MORE ON 3D INTERIOR FORMS


Create a luminous pool environment with any of our LAQFOIL® Lighting Solutions. Custom lighting offers large-scale backlight and edge-light for a dimmable bright daytime light, relaxing soft light or lights that change color! Add a custom printed graphic to create the atmosphere you want or surprise guests with a Starry-Night sky!


Swimming pools are often noisy areas with sounds waves travelling to other parts of the building. LAQFOIL® Acoustic Solutions offers a high-performance noise cancellation that is compatible and resistant with wet environments. The material can be custom printed or used on its own to lower volume for a more relaxing pool experience.


Stretch your creativity and decorate your swimming areas in a whole new way! Dive under a beautiful blue sky, under the stars or create a fun colorful theme park for the kids. Our custom printed stretch surfaces span 16’ wide by 200’ long without any connections. Our framing system allows us to expand to unlimited dimensions. LEARN MORE ON LAQFOIL® CUSTOM PRINT