With Laqfoil’s PVC ceiling tiles the area will always look unique and will in some sense be a new lively element in the interior as the scenery will be changed based on the surroundings, playfully reflecting on the tiles.

custom office with high gloss ceiling tiles

For years suspended ceiling systems have been the most popular type of ceilings amongst commercial facilities. It has been a convenient solution due to several reasons; low costs, quick installations, acoustical properties and easy access to hidden wires and HVAC piping. The way this ceiling system works is the metal grid system, also known as a T-bar grid system, is suspended from the existing ceiling using a number of wires. Subsequently, the ceiling tiles are attached within the grid sections, creating a complete ceiling surface.

However, this system has certain limitations when it comes to aesthetics.

These ceiling tiles are very limited on choice of core material, textures, appearances and colours.

modern office with custom printed ceiling tiles

To preserve this convenient technology and to add more design and custom options to it, Laqfoil Ltd. has developed it’s new product line, combining already known T-bar systems with stretch fabrics. The newly developed product was called PVC Stretch Tiles.

These tiles can be customarily made to any size or shape.

The finishing of these ceiling tiles could be done in reflective, matte, acoustical or custom printed looks.

open space office with custom printed ceiling tiles

Laqfoil Ltd. can proudly offer an unlimited amount of decorative suspended ceiling tiles, that are made of the same stretch fabric that is used in our other product lines, to meet your imagination and fulfill any creative desire. Unlike other types of dropped ceiling tiles, Laqfoil’s PVC Ceiling Tiles are insusceptible to mold accumulation, damages caused by water, Increased temperatures and doesn’t require any maintenance.

At the same time its easily individually repairable or replaceable if required.
Any types of ceiling accessories, such as sprinklers, lights, ventilation systems and many others, could easily be integrated into our newly developed ceiling tiles.



laqfoil basement backlit wall murals canada


uneven-ceiling-in dining area


stucco ceiling remove and hide by stretch ceiling

Reflective PVC Ceiling Tiles

And is used to visually enlarge the atmosphere by creating an almost mirror-like surface that transmits more light into the space.

high gloss reflective ceiling in open space office

TOur reflective PVC ceiling tiles come in various colours and can be combined with matt and custom-printed finishes to creatively decorate any ceiling surfaces. And to achieve more reflection, darker and more saturated colours are recommended to be chosen.

With Laqfoil’s PVC ceiling tiles the area will always look unique and will in some sense be a new lively element in the interior as the scenery will be changed based on the surroundings, playfully reflecting on the tiles.

Custom-printed PVC Ceiling Tiles

black matte ceiling tiles in custom office

Looking to enhance your corporate environment with ceiling tiles decorated with a custom printed logo or an arrangement of custom graphics, such as a blue sky or brunches of trees? Laqfoil delivers high-quality prints using their in-house UV printing technology to produce clear imagery that will preserve the sharpness and colour intensity for years to come.

Our custom-printed PVC ceiling tiles can be arranged as a unified image or composed of different elements almost like a mosaic. Wither you choose to decorate the whole ceiling surface with colourful prints or accentuate a certain area, this product line will help you create a unique design that will serve as a “pearl” of the interior.

Acoustic PVC Ceiling Tiles

Amazing Basement Theater Room with Waffle Ceiling and Reflective Stretch Ceiling Tiles

Acoustics play a significant part in any corporate environment as it is one of the most important components in providing efficiency from workers and keeps things quiet, which is essential for both staff and clients. Laqfoil’s acoustic PVC ceiling tiles are a perfect solution for improving acoustics in large facilities and areas with high ceilings. The reduction in the intensity of sound waves is achieved with a micro-perforated PVC membrane that absorbs up to 92% of the sound, resulting in improvement of acoustic performance.

This type drop ceiling can be a perfect addition to any board or conference room, where the atmosphere requires sound isolation and privacy.

Laqfoil’s acoustical ceiling tiles can also be customized to any colour, finishing or custom chosen printed art-work