Re-Branding Recovery

Re-Branding Recovery

Dear friends, colleagues, readers and followers. Its time to announce that after more then a year of a hard work, enormous brainstorming and tremendous effort, Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings Ltd. had completed it’s re-branding process, and as a result we are back to business ready to go at full force.

Back in January 2016, we have been challenged with the necessity to modify our website. The goal was to make it Mobile friendly, easier to navigate and friendly from every single aspect. The whole team have been putting a great amount of work to accomplish such tasks. We all had to feel, the truth meaning of an old saying: ” it’s easier to do it brand-new that to change the existing. ” From bloggers to graphic designers, from software programmers the content writers, every single one of our team members, showed the great expertise, to present you a newly developed, detailed and easy to navigate website of Laqfoil.

The website is now clearly distinguishing different types of projects, production lines and feedback forms. Our intention was, is to create a website, that will satisfy to all your needs and answers every possible question that you might have. We are at Laqfoil Ltd. Do not want you to have any uncertainty, doubts or questions about our products and services. You can find a support or contact form every single step of the way browsing our website.

We are truly happy to interact with you again and looking forward to be at your service.