A visit from Mark Adler, MP

We recently received a visit at our showroom member of the Canadian Parliament, Mark Adler. We had met Mark and his constituency case manager, Svetlana Obukhova previously at a networking event, and his interest in stretched ceilings was piqued. Admiring a printed stretched wall mural as soon as he walked in, he exclaimed, “This is what we need for the office!” The enthusiasm never dropped off as Mark and Svetlana gazed at the room after room of stretched walls and ceilings, culminating in a video presentation on a flat white opaque stretched projection screen in our conference room, under a faux ‘sky’ of twinkling LED ‘stars’.

Stretch Ceiling Technology

A visit from Mark Adler, MP in laqfoil showroom

Our CEO, Jack Verchenko recounted how he had discovered stretch ceiling technology while visiting Europe, studied it for years, and finally brought both the product and the manufacturing process to Canada, setting up our head office and showroom here at 2-20 Magnetic Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada three years ago.

We welcome all visitors and are pleased to give the grand tour to anyone willing to let us ‘strut our stuff’, but it was a special pleasure to meet the charming and honorable Mr. Adler and Ms. Obukhova in person.

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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