luxury Cruzo Restaurant Bar with printed back lit ceiling and custom wall murals

Laqfoil’s advanced technology allows us to help you create your dream space with a few simple steps removing any fuss. Using our technology and wide format printing facility, we can safely input any custom graphic or image on our Descor and PVC stretch fabric. The biggest advantage of using UV printed fabrics is its lifespan, as the ink is secured in the middle layer of the fabric, preventing the image from fading. Our fabric is 100% safe, environmentally friendly, fire-rated and non-toxic.

Whether you are looking for the unique printed wallpaper to decorate a child’s room, accentuate a wall in your bedroom with a custom wall mural, soundproof your media room or perhaps even create a mysterious glow with our backlit wall murals, you came to the right place.


Wall murals were first introduced to the world at the end of the 19th century as they slowly established their popularity all over the world. At first, the interest in this invention seized European and Asian markets, and then gradually expanded to North America. Of course, back then only wealthy members of elite societies were able to afford such luxury. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, where people have the opportunity to enrich their interior space with what once was considered a privilege.

restaurant hallway with custom wall cover
amazing bedroom with starwars custom wall cover by laqfoil GTA

What you can achieve with our product:

  • Visually expand a small or narrow space
  • Make a certain area in the house stand out
  • Create an accent wall
  • Enhance the style of the interior space
  • Improve room acoustics
  • Soundproof the room
  • Cover up old drywall
  • Level the wall surface

Custom Printed Wallpaper Is a Long-Term Solution to Transform Any Environment.

With its help, you can change the atmosphere in the house to create coziness and warmth. You can refresh your home by placing printed wallpaper into an existing interior space to enhance the style of the room. Our custom printed wallpaper is easy to adhere to any surface and does not require special maintenance.

custom printed wall mural\s by laqfoil team

With Our Custom Printed Wall Murals, You Can Accomplish Any Decorative Desire.

custom wall murals-stretch ceiling design toronto

There are many advantages of wall murals besides its complementary appearance in your interior space. Looking to hide cables? Is your wall surface uneven? Or perhaps there is an echo in your space? With the help of  Laqfoil Descor fabric, you can solve all of these problems without creating any mess. Our custom printed wall murals can be installed to cover the whole area or just a part of it. Unlike the wallpaper, wall murals are reusable and practical; they can be easily removed from the surface if at some point you decide to change the concept. 

Sometimes Silence Is the Best Kind of Music to The Ears.

Do you dream of a quiet area where you can come after a stressful day and relax? Or maybe you enjoy throwing movie nights which get interrupted by indignant neighbours knocking on your door complaining about the noise? With our acoustical custom printed wall murals everything is possible! With the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 85%, our acoustical wall treatment solution would complement any environment.
The installation process is fast, eco-friendly and hassle-free

stretch acoustic ceiling with potlights

Take Your Space and Create an Extraordinary Scene with Laqfoil’s Backlit Wall Murals.

backlit custom wall cover in toronto office

Backlit custom printed wall mural is a perfect solution to enrich your interior with a one-of-a-kind glowing graphic. Whether you want to create an additional soft light source or highlight the details of the desired image, even to create a friendly or ambient atmosphere. All that can be easily achieved with Laqfoil’s translucent stretch fabric. To achieve such effect, LED lights are installed directly onto a surface, which subsequently gets covered by a custom printed stretch material. Minimal space is left between the surface and the finishing product creates flawless, equal diffusion of light through our material.



stained wall


stretch acoustic ceiling with potlights


noise reduction stretch acoustic ceiling

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