“Never Forget” A Mural for a Clinic

We recently installed a full wall mural in the Vellore Village Medical Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario. It features a gorgeous photo of the Vimy Ridge First World War memorial in France, with a field of poppies in the foreground.

Custom Wall Mural by Laqfoil

printed wall Mural for a Clinic

Clinic Chiropodist Roberto DeFilippis wanted this image, along with the story of the memorial in English on the left and French on the right, because after long consideration, he decided that a reminder of the sacrifice of Canadians, many of whom were family members, in the First World War was the most relevant image that he could fill the blank wall with. He came to this realization after a March break trip this spring to Ottawa, where his son, soon to be six, expressed fascination with the Vimy Ridge War Memorial at the Canadian War Museum.

Whatever you value or want to express, it’s now easily possible by combining the high technologies of stretched ceilings and digital printing. On ceilings and walls, a rough surface underneath doesn’t matter, the material doesn’t fade, peel, crack, or blister, and cleaning is as easy as a wipe with a damp cloth.

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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