Recently Developed and Introduced, Is a Double Vision Stretch Ceilings.

massage therapy room with Double Vision Ceiling

The idea behind is a combination of printed, backlit and solid color stretch ceilings.

Compliments to our state of the art digital printing facilities, our experienced printing professionals, can now print directly onto stretch fabric in a way that printed graphics will only show under direct lighting.
Imagine white reflective ceiling in kid’s bedroom on a day time, and in the evening, when the light is on, that white ceiling turns into a peaceful, intriguing starry sky or the most favorite cartoons personages appear to say ” Good Night”



insufficient light solution with stretch ceiling


black mold on the ceiling cover with reflective stretch ceiling


ceiling water damage - stretch ceiling water leak solution

Double Vision Ceilings

Alternatively, instead of solid color stretch ceiling, have yourself a printed ceiling with an image of sunny, day sky. But turn on the light and you’ll see the day sky turns into a night sky with capturing planets and stars.

Double Vision Ceilings
stretch fabric ceiling

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