Thanks to highly innovative printing technology, we can now transform any type of graphics or artwork directly onto Laqfoil Stretch Membrane.

custom Printed Ceilings by laqfoil

Whether it is a print on reflective high-gloss material or classical canvas or even translucent material, with an option of backlit, we open entirely new perspectives for our clients, combining both, structural finishing and decorative enhancement. Up to16 feet wide and 164 feet long artwork in one peace, without any seams or connection, would do a miracle.

Wonder what is it going to look like? Caesar’s Palace, Grand Canal at Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Air Canada Center in Toronto, Sultan Qaboos Yoth Complex Center in Oman, Woodbine Shoping Center in Toronto and many other projects across the Globe, will surely stand out by this revolutionary technology.

Imagination is the limit. Carefully and individually chosen image, can easily increase the height of your place, change an atmosphere, deliver the message and simply enhance the look of a space. And don’t forget about ideally finished ceiling, that is at the same time conceals all imperfections on existing surface and resolves all of your concerns.

amazing sky printed ceiling in swimming pool by laqfoil



stretch ceiling solution for Cobweb Build Up


white simple ceiling with Limited Design solution is stretch ceiling


stucco ceiling remove and hide by stretch ceiling


The ‘personality’ of homes is marked by its furnishings. However, ceilings are understated aspect of the area that elevate the room’s design and can even give the added advantage of the illusion of height.

luxury home office with printed ceiling by laqfoil team aurora

A brighter and more open atmosphere accompanies the feeling of height. Ceilings are also vital in complementing the overall design of the room, providing a point of cohesion between the aspects of the space that are at eye-level and the lighting above it.

Printed stretch ceilings encompass these benefits in a number of ways.

Printed stretch ceilings can be applied on a number of different textures such as matte, satin, metallic, canvas, translucent or gloss – the latter makes reflective ceilings which heightens and brightens the space considerably. When combined with backlit lighting, it can open entirely new perspectives for our clients, combining both structural finishing and decorative enhancement.

reflective Printed stretch ceilings of water in luxury living room

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