If you embed lighting effect on your ceilings the design impression becomes two-fold.

amazing swimming pool with back lit stretch ceiling

Laqfoil translucent material is used to introduce lighting effect by diffusing and softening lights. If there is a print on the film, then it enhances the image extraordinarily. Translucent fabric creates an ever-lasting ambiance and enhances the mood of the room or any given space. The fabric can be used with integrated lighting for adding a dramatic and elegant effect. Not only Laqfoil translucent material can transmit up to 75% of the light but also can carry the message in a way of an artwork printed on it.



low ceiling room with backlit tv mount and custom wall mural


stretch ceiling is solution for uneven ceiling


ceiling water damage - stretch ceiling water leak solution


Hanging lighting fixtures can make a room seem shorter than it is, and some forms of lighting can be too stark or bright.

While the main focus of most design or renovation efforts seem to be about bringing light into the room, it has to be the appropriate kind of lighting to match the overall ‘vibe’ of the space. Backlit stretch ceilings are a versatile and durable way of creating cozy but spacious interiors.

backlit reflective gloss stretch ceiling
dentist clinic with reflective printed ceiling by laqfoil team

Backlit Stretch Ceilings come in a number of different textures such as matte, satin, metallic, canvas, translucent or gloss. Translucent backlit ceiling panels reintroduces an innovative approach to lighting solutions by diffusing and softening lights without losing any essential brightness necessary to make the room more visually appealing and inviting, as backlit stretch ceilings can transmit up to 75% of the light behind it. The LED array behind the backlit fabric ceiling stretches underneath the surface and makes it possible to provide light even to corners that normal lighting fixtures cannot reach.

Integrated lighting can also be used on printed stretch ceilings or stretch ceilings with colour to add a more dramatic or elegant effect. It creates an ambience that enhances the mood of the space.

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