Large format printing is increasing in popularity as new technologies continue to develop and become more prominent in both residential and commercial spaces. The rise in growth is prevalent amongst homeowners and business owners alike because both fields can benefit from large format printers being cost-effective and easy to operate.

Laqfoil offers large format printing and Custom Printed Wall Murals on a variety of materials up to 16’ in width. Businesses have especially been drawn to large format printing because going big with original artwork, custom text, or attention-grabbing graphics is a proven way to increase sales and build customer acquisition.

These are a few examples to showcase the diversity of large format printing applications on the market:

  • If you are a restaurant owner and you are looking to print new outdoor signs for your business
  • If you are eager to initiate an advertising campaign and need customizable decor
  • Organizing an outdoor festival and need to produce banners
  • In search of window displays for a store or vehicle wraps

In any case, large format printing provides the ideal solution to all your large-scale print marketing needs.

Large format printing, also referred to as wide-format and grand-format printing, practically speaking, can be any size, though are typically at least 24 inches wide. Large format printing services are taking over the print market, outpacing digital alternatives such as electric signs or supersized LED screens.

New technologies with higher capabilities and quicker turnaround speeds have optimized performance and enabled large format printing to be a cost-effective print marketing solution.

With Laqfoil’s Technology we produce, supply and install large format prints and custom printed wall murals on Eco safe material with up to 192” width in one, seamless piece. 

The installation leaves an option to, later on, remove, relocate and reinstall the same print an unlimited number of times.

In commercial and other settings, large format printing provides great visuals and is pleasing to the eye. In addition, large format prints are easy to set up because they can be affixed to all kinds of surfaces, hung on walls, or set up as free-standing displays.

One of the greatest advantages of using large format print applications is their customizable options to accommodate uneven surfaces In addition, their inherent visibility makes them perfect for marketing campaigns. Large format prints are constructed from durable, weather and UV-resistant materials, making applications suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Due to high-tech Technologies, Laqfoil has an implemented way of installing large format prints and banners onto any surface, despite it’s condition. Whether it is a ceiling, wall or even temporary partition. Special profiles are attached around the perimeter of the surface to create a frame. And right after, the fabric gets installed into the profiles, just slightly away from the surface.

This technique allows us to disregard the condition of the covered surface. If needed, later on, the fabric can be removed from the framing and reinstalled. For multiple-day festivals, conventions, and expos, banners are most common. They come in a wide range of weights and designs, customizable for different settings and budgets.

Banners over 100 feet tall can be reinforced with extra-large grommets and double-folded edges for use in windy areas. Also available in vinyl or nylon plastic mesh formats with UV-resistant inks. Laqfoil is fully certified under all  National Building Codes in countries across North America, Europe, and Asia so there is nothing our skilled designers and architects cannot do! 

One of the many benefits of going with print marketing solutions like large format prints is its ability to be custom designed to fit on specific objects and surfaces, not limited by dimension or shape. Our clients have found going big is the most cost-effective means of producing top-quality print marketing because the results are long-lasting with low costs. 

We encourage customers to apply custom finishes when printing in these large formats. The choice of finish is up to you! If you’re printing on plastic, canvas, or tiles, be sure to choose a finish that best suits your needs.

 Our large-scale prints are available in laminated, mounted, or grommeted versions for those who require extra durability for heavy outdoor use. If you are looking for building-sized graphics, you can also get tile-printed ones and we can meld it.

We offer other techniques and applications available at your disposal to cater for those instances when there’s a raised surface, special design, or when the print is in need of some increased durability. All, of course, fit within your budget. 

At Laqfoil, we have been offering one of the widest selections of large format printing services available in North America for over 10 years. If you’re interested in other printing or stretch fabric products, feel free to look over our products page or contact us to learn more.

We offer custom wall covers, ceiling tiles, and a plethora of other ceiling types, all while accommodating custom designs in all categories. If you’re producing a large-scale event in North America such as Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, or Miami, and are considering large format printing as your marketing strategy of choice, don’t hesitate to call us. For more information on our large format print services, please contact our product specialists team.




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