World Gym, Waterloo

The stretch membrane noise barrier that we erected at World Gym in St. Catharines has proven so effective that other locations of the iconic chain have planned to do the same thing in order to control sound travel.

The typical design for a World Gym has high ceilings and partial walls. This allows abundant air circulation, which is important, as well as conserving building materials, which is an environmentally and financially sustainable choice. Only a few areas, such as basketball courts, produce more noise than this design can comfortably handle.

Stretch Membrane Noise Barrier

blue and red custom wall cover in a gym

For those areas, a vertical barrier of perforated acoustic stretch ceiling membrane is ideal, as it hampers the travel of sound waves in two ways, while allowing air to pass through and consisting of minimal materials, only a 0.2mm thick membrane and the extrusions that hold it in place, which are usually less than 1” in height and width while stretching along the entire length of each side of the membrane.

reflective custom wall cover by laqfoil

How does acoustic stretch membrane control sound in two ways? First, it’s bouncy, so when sound strikes it, it vibrates, changing sound energy into kinetic energy. Second, it’s perforated. Forcing sound energy to travel through tiny holes transforms it into thermal energy by way of viscous friction of air in the holes. Tests have shown that higher frequencies are absorbed by a perforated membrane than by an unperforated one.

amazing gray custom wall cover in toronto

We have installations planned at more World Gym locations as the chain expands into Canada. We’ll keep you posted!

amazing gym with gray and red custom wall cover

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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