Make a Huge Impact on your Business

Printed Stretch Ceilings for Malls and Retail Outlets:

The possibilities of stretch ceilings will make a huge impact on your business.  Interior design options can range from simple flat ceilings, curved, domed or circular ceilings in a wide range of colours and finishes. The architectural features include lighting diffusers, acoustic ceilings and backlit shapes.

The main benefit in using stretch ceilings for Retail outlets is that installation of the frame is quick and easy, and doesn’t need to be removed if your print had to be re-installed or changed.  Install your frame once and keep it there for new graphics.

Stretch Ceilings by Laqfoil

How does Laqfoil do it ?

The membrane gets stretched and installed into a clamping system, consisting of profiles that are attached around the perimeter of the desired area. Our canvas-textured membrane can achieve perfect tension without welding, joints or additional attachments up to 16 feet width and 250 feet of a length for a single print as seen in the photo above.

Stretch ceilings:

custom backlit wall mural by laqfoil
  • Meets all building code criteria in US and Canada, and has “R1” fire rating code.
  • The fabric is coated with polyurethane which protects the fabric from absorbing odours and liquids and makes fabric anti-static.
  • Availability of translucent texture specially designed for backlit applications.
  • Create your own interchangeable banners, images, advertising, and corporate logos.
  • Fire retardant, waterproof, moisture resistant, algae resistant (can be used in rooms with high humidity such as swimming pools and spas and in case of leaking, can hold up to 100 litres of water per sq. metre).

Acoustic Properties:

green custom wall cover

We carry special perforated acoustic membrane, which is a perfect sound attenuation solution for commercial, residential, hospitality, medical, educational and exhibition spaces. The micro perforated texture absorbed up to 90% of the sound that was used in testing.  These acoustic damping characteristics significantly improve any indoor environment, making it less stressful and more restful and conducive to focus, concentration, entertainment and conversation.

When installed in a loud space such as a cinema, meeting room, dining room or home cinema room, the fabric absorbs excess sound energy and promotes acoustic comfort.

Our membranes can accommodate inkjet printing or screen printing which is ideal for advertising, logos and corporate images.


amazing living room with custom wall cover by laqfoil team

Laqfoil Stretch Ceiling Systems allows the incorporation of all types of ceiling and wall fixtures, including lighting, HVAC, sprinklers, etc. by the use of hidden structural support. Our installers are experienced with both fabricating and advising on these support structures.

For more information or for a quick estimate, contact us: 20 Magnetic Dr., Unit 2, Toronto, ON, M3J2C4; 1-800-663-1708;;


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