The History of Stretch Ceilings

desert tent made from stretch fabric

The original concept of covering ceilings with a cloth or similar material dates back to 2000-1000 BC, conceived by the ancient Egyptians. Using a damp cloth stretched between the walls, the goal was to get an even surface. The Romans and Greeks adopted the method and improved it considerably with linen and silk. When the cloth sagged, they would replace it with a new one. Even ancient amphitheatres like the legendary Coliseum used to be covered with cloth to protect the audience from the sunlight.

stretch fabric tent

By the 18th century, the concept had travelled to Armenia, where cotton cloth was soaked in chalk solution and stretched onto a building, creating a smooth surface once it shrank. After those days, and for a while, such technology it went out of fashion, until its reinvention in the early 1960s.

Since the advent of new and exciting designs, stretch ceilings became more and more commonplace, especially in Europe. Now, they’re made out of more durable material than cloth, withstanding the test of time through innovation.

Stretch Ceilings Today

hotel lobby with amazing multilevel orange backlit high gloss stretch ceiling

Contemporary stretch ceiling technology is unique, practical and aesthetically pleasing for all sorts of surfaces. Stretch fabric is now made of organic, recyclable thin plastics or textile films that envelop an entire surface. A hidden track defines the shape of the stretch product, while the membrane creates independent layer of a given surface. Depending on concept and profiles used, the space above the stretched surface area, works as an air lock, improving acoustical properties and allowing to integrate additional light within the place.

nike shop with custom reflective stretch ceiling by laqfoil toronto

Stretch materials can be installed on ceilings, walls, self-standing partitions or modular structures. Stretch product installation is usually done in two stages: firstly, by creating a special perimeter made of aluminium or plastic-based profiles; then, fixing the flexible membrane on this frame. These profiles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rectangular, oval, flat, curved or 3D spatial designs are all possible, depending on the practical needs and visual demands of the space. After installation, the material can be effortlessly removed or relocated, if required, without leaving any damage behind. You can achieve any form, design or concept with this technology because of the versatility and variations in profiles.

high gloss stretch ceiling with potlights in custom hallway

Stretch products constantly change and adapt, creating and developing new technologies to meet architectural and design demands. Our materials have been designed to a large variety of finishes. And that allows us to create or support any design and creative concepts. High gloss, backlit, printed, multilevel, double-vision ceilings, linear light surfaces, custom printed wall coverings, starry sky and modular structures, are only some of end-line products that stretch fabrics technology offers. It does not matter what condition the current surface in. It may be an open ceiling or frameless system. Stretched fabric technology will conceal the area effortlessly and with maximum aesthetic improvement. Any type of ceiling or wall accessories can be re-incorporated within the product

The Advantages of Stretch Ceilings

wave shape reflective stretch ceiling in Monopoly hallway

Stretch products provide more than just aesthetic appeal. Stretch materials are made of special polymers and fibres that help them maintain their shape indefinitely and, at the same time, provide more than just coverage and design.

These special polymers form a thin layer of thermal isolation helps you save energy by reducing your heating and cooling needs. They will also contain the emission of dust and bacteria that would normally accumulate over the years from drywall, improving the air quality of any room in the long term. Stretch ceilings make the space more sanitary and are generally in high demand by medical facilitie.

amazing back lit stretch ceiling and custom wall cover by laqfoil in pool area

With their shape, make and form, they also improve the acoustics of a room, office, concert hall or industrial facilities, making it easier to hear others for either entertainment, safety or productivity. They are also highly recyclable, should you wish to remove them in the future.

Stretch materials are highly sustainable, sanitary and durable, making them highly applicable for any situation and location.

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