Miami is one of the most eye-catching cities in the US. With stunning architecture that reflects the fun and beauty of the Miami area homeowners want a company that can help them create a living space that truly reflects this luxurious lifestyle.

Stretch Ceiling Miami

LAQFOIL stretch and stretch fabric ceilings allow you to create a space that not only looks amazing but enhances the look of your home. Create palatial pool spaces with simple lighting and LAQFOIL designs or transform your kitchen with modern motifs. LAQFOIL is perfect for any room in your home, letting you add traditional, modern, minimalist, or decadent accents to your ceiling.

Stretch Ceilings Benefits

In a warm climate like Miami, it is important to use building materials that create positive airflow and protect the environment. LAQFOIL stretch ceiling is made from 100% recyclable materials, so you can feel confident you are not just creating a beautiful living space but an environmentally friendly one too.

Replacing a ceiling can be an expensive undertaking, that’s why stretch ceilings are the ideal choice for homeowners who want big results at an affordable price. Stretch ceilings are made using PVC mounted to an aluminum frame. Prints are affordable and easily installed.

Amazing Reflective Stretch Ceiling
laqfoil team preparing the stretch ceiling for imperial plaza towers toronto

A home renovation project usually takes days or even weeks to complete. Stretch ceiling is installed in a day with your existing ceilings quickly and easily covered over, so you can say goodbye to popcorn or bad paint jobs.

PVC is made to be durable and strong. So when homeowners choose a stretch ceiling, they can feel confident knowing that the job is going to last. Most stretch ceilings can last more than 20 years, giving homeowners one of the best returns on investment money can buy.

Backlit Stretch Ceiling in Custom Basement
stretch ceiling membrane

Installing stretch ceilings doesn’t require the use of water, so the installation process is clean and quick. Your crew takes care of everything from installing the ceiling to removing any debris. There is also no requirement to move furniture into storage, so you can return home to a house that is ready to be lived in and enjoyed.

Making sure your family is healthy and safe is your top priority. Stretch ceiling keeps your home free from mold, mildew, and other harmful odor-causing substances. Homeowners choose stretch ceilings because of their advanced antimicrobial and self-deodorizing technology. Stretch ceilings also offer Class 1 fire and safety certification in Canada and the US, giving homeowners added peace of mind. Stretch ceiling also offers the added benefit of being 100% waterproof and resistant to vapors, chlorine, and extreme temperatures.

Swimming Pool with Amazing High Gloss Stretch Ceiling

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Elevate Your Design With Stretch Ceilings

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Whether you want to enhance the look of your home or your business’s ceiling, LAQFOIL is the best and most affordable way to get results. Stretch and stretch fabric ceilings allow you to transform your home with patterns, designs, and lighting that take your space to the next level.

Use stretch ceilings to add your branding to your store or pop up. Create a bedroom or living room space that is elegant and refined with stretch ceilings that feature stunning motifs and designs.

Create a truly authentic media room experience with stretch ceilings that not only make the space look great, but provide added sound-absorbing solutions that let you enjoy your film in comfort.

Why Choose Us

Miami home and business owners choose LAQFOIL because we are the experts in stretch ceiling installation. Our fast and professional service lets you enjoy your new living or workspace quickly, backed by a team of designers, architects, and installers who know how to transform your home into a stunning oasis.

Contact LAQFOIL today for a quote and let us transform your home with stretch ceiling solutions that are affordable and add value to your home.

Laqfoil Project of Custom Home Stretch Ceiling Installation