Maximize the Comfort and Practicality of Lights and Stretch Fabric

amazing liner lights ceiling in luxury family room

Nowadays the contemporary market offers a large variety of lighting solutions for different needs and uses.

LED lighting technology is indeed one of the most practical and appealing options that consumers rapidly have come to love.

LED lights don’t consume a lot of energy, you can easily integrate them into any environment, they’re multi functional and can be adapted for different uses.

Even though LED lights may come in a large variety of forms and shapes, they all have pros and cons in terms of use.



concrete ceilings cover with stretch ceiling


white simple ceiling with Limited Design solution is stretch ceiling


cover Cracks in ceiling with stretch fabric ceiling

Technology that will work together with other related technological products, such as lighting systems, ventilation systems, acoustical panels, drop tiles and many others.

To maximize the comfort and practicality of lights and stretch fabric, we have developed a new production line, called Linear Stretch Ceilings Lights.

What exactly are Linear Lights Stretch Ceilings and how do they work?

The foundation of this concept is a specially designed aluminum profiles, that could be installed either on ceilings, walls or a niche spot where the LED flexible light is installed and securely concealed.

basement kitchen with custom liner lights ceiling
green liner lights ceiling in pool area

Stretch fabric, subsequently installed across the whole surface, after which LED linear lights are cut open and nicely finished with a clear, frosted diffuser.

As a result of this combination, the new stretch surface will have custom-designed linear lights. These combinations can be used as a decorative, ambient light or as the main light source.

Linear lights stretch ceiling concept allows you to program your lighting around the whole place to set the desired mood or an atmosphere for any occasion. It can be controlled to change the colour as well as the intensity of the light to make the place dimmed or brightened.

Laqfoil’s linear light system is a perfect solution for meeting rooms, bedrooms, movie theatres, kid’s room or any other environment, where both stretch ceilings and LED technologies can be adapted to your need.

luxury bathroom with liner lights ceiling

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