Laqfoil and Cambria at KBIS Las Vegas

We recently attended KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, in Las Vegas. Our role was to support Cambria, the exclusive family-owned, American made natural stone producer in North America. We installed Laqfoil translucent canvas-textured material in their eye-popping show booth, designed by internationally recognized designer, Ramsin Khachi.

Ramsin, a Cambria advocate, (in addition to his leadership of the Khachi Design Group & Khachi Interiors, and regular national appearances on the Marilyn Dennis Show on CTV) chose pure white material without any printed designs, to let Cambria’s beautiful natural stone designs take center stage, surrounded by softly and evenly diffused LED lighting. The resulting display, a spectacular arch-within-an-arch, was architecturally monolithic, perfectly conveying Cambria’s identity as an architecture and interior design industry leader.

Cambria and Laqfoil

Cambria Custom Exhibit with Reflective White Stretch Ceiling

Laqfoil has been pleased to work with Cambria in the past, when we installed translucent membrane as part of an entry feature in Cambria’s Toronto showroom, also designed and built by Ramsin Khachi. Our two products have a lot in common: Cambria surfaces are 93% pure quartz, while natural granite is only 40-60% quartz, which is what makes Cambria a more durable material than granite.

Laqfoil, likewise, is a man-made material that contributes to the overall goal of sustainable building by being exceedingly durable and long lasting.

Our white membrane doesn’t yellow, and our colours and printed designs don’t fade. Ceilings and walls by Laqfoil don’t peel, or bubble. Both materials are non-porous, so neither fosters microorganisms.

amazing ceiling with liner lights - cambria exhibit
liner lights ceiling by laqfoil at Las Vegas

On a kitchen counter, that could mean bacteria from food, and on the ceiling, it can be mould and mildew. Being nonporous also means that both materials resist stains and odours, and neither material off-gasses. Both Laqfoil ceilings and Cambria countertops sit perfectly flat, smooth, and as shiny as the finish that you choose, for decades to come, with plenty of colour, texture, and design options. Cambria is also environmentally sustainable in their manufacturing processes, as Laqfoil is 100% recyclable.

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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Few Photos of The Project


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