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Founded in 2010 by savvy entrepreneur Jack Verchenko, Laqfoil immediately became North America’s first manufacturer and installer of stretch ceilings and other stretch fabric products.

With years of mastery and skills required to become a successful company’s leader, Jack studied and continues to develop every aspect of the field. He experimented with a wide array of work environments before opening the doors to untapped potentials.

Over the years, Laqfoil gained credibility and formed long-lasting partnerships with designers, architects, developers, builders, and homeowners. We are proud to say that we have a varied portfolio, spanning multiple industries and niches.

laqfoil team preparing stretch ceiling in the shop

Today, We Are a Leader in The Industry

providing end-to-end turnkey living space enhancement for our customers.

laqfoil team working on modular structure

Laqfoil has an international network of over 370 dealers and is fully certified under National Building Codes in countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Additionally, Laqfoil is constantly committed to our environmental responsibility by using only eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable products and accessories. We regularly employ and develop the latest techniques, and constantly integrate new products and technologies. We have developed manufacturing facilities with highly experienced staff.

We Reduce Production Time to A Minimum of 1-2 Days.

With us, you can get more value, faster turn-around times and longer-lasting products, without the hassle and time wasted by companies who rely on overseas suppliers and manufacturers.

Laqfoil Ltd. significantly reduced a production lead time, specifically in North America, because we manufacture all our stretch fabric end products locally, in Toronto. Such in-house production allows us to deliver designs specific to our client’s needs, fast and with maximum involvement. Our current range of product include stretch ceilings, printed ceilings, backlit walls and ceilings coverings, modular structures, linear lights, starry sky, all types of custom printed wall coverings, multilevel ceilings and large format digital printing. Aside from production, supply and installation, we offer such services as an interior design, concept creation and graphic design.

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After 10 Years and Over 1,600 Completed Projects

Laqfoil Ltd. continues to expand it’s multi-industrial clientele and international presence.

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The exceptional quality, genuine products and professional customer service, helped us to develop a strong and long-lasting partnership with Companies such as Rogers, Equinox, ZASS Architects, WZMH, Vasconi Architects, IBI Group, SOM Architects, Rockwell Group Architects, Yabu Pushelberg and many others. Thanks to our extensive Dealers network, we have taken part and provided products and services for many International projects. England, Russia, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, South Africa and Australia, are some of Countries, where Laqfoil’s product can be seen.

From small-scale home improvement to large architectural feats, Laqfoil Ltd. offers a wide variety of services in design, concept assistance, production and installation services. Our service is fast, industry-forward and with meticulous attention to detail, materials and fine design sensibilities.

For every new project, the Laqfoil team is committed to consistently crafting stretch products that are of expert workmanship and enduring quality. Join our family and become a part of a world-wide leading technology.

laqfoil team preparing ceiling for stretch fabric