Transform your home or business with a stunning LAQFOIL stretch ceiling that lets you enhance the look and value of your home.

Stretch Ceiling Las Vegas

LAQFOIL stretch ceilings allow you to truly personalize your home, letting you create a space that is traditional, modern, minimalist, or decadent. Stretch ceilings not only allow you to customize the look of your ceiling but affordably hide your existing ceiling without a major renovation.

Stretch Ceilings Benefits

There are countless benefits to choosing stretch ceilings when choosing to upgrade your ceilings. Stretch ceilings allow you to improve the look of any room with long-lasting results. But there are even more great reasons to choose a stretch ceiling that not only puts money in your pocket but is good for the environment too.

Stretch ceiling systems are fully recyclable. Materials can be recycled at any stage and even reused on other projects.

Basement Stretch Ceiling by Laqfoil
Amazing Home Theater with Starry Sky Ceilings

Stretch ceiling helps protect your home from mold, mildew, and other harmful odor-causing substances. Stretch ceiling is antimicrobial, self-deodorizing, and offers Class 1 fire and safety certification in Canada and the US, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Stretch ceilings are made from PVC, making them quick and easy to install. PVC also has one of the longest lifespans. The durable material can last for more than 20 years. Installation can be done in a day, so you can enjoy your new ceiling right away.

Basement Entertainment room with backlit stretch ceiling
High Gloss Stretch Ceiling

Many people put off replacing their ceilings due to cost. The Stretch ceiling is made from PVC mounted to an aluminum frame. This creates an easy-to-install, low-cost solution to improving the look of your ceiling. It also requires no furniture removal, which means you don’t have hefty storage fees.

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Elevate Your Design With Stretch Ceilings

Unlike traditional concrete or plaster ceilings, stretch and stretch fabric ceilings allow you to improve the look of your home with unique and customizable designs.

Change your color scheme, add full-color prints or backlighting.

Stretch ceilings are an ideal choice for busy areas of your home such as kitchens or media rooms thanks to the sound-absorbing solutions of the materials used during the installation process. They not only add beauty to your home, but value too with 100% waterproofing and high-quality material that is resistant to vapors, chlorine, and hot and cold temperatures.

Basement Game Room with Amazing Backlit Stretch Ceiling

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LAQFOIL is North America’s first choice for stretch ceiling installation. With more than 10 years of quality and professional service, our Las Vegas clients trust us to help make their homes look beautiful. With fast and expert service, installation, our team of designers and architects, and installers help you transform your home into an amazing showpiece.

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