The reason for it is that the final glossy coating on the material makes it almost as reflective as a mirror.

The depth of reflectiveness determines by the color of chosen material. Darker membrane shows higher percentage of reflection. Such texture is very popular within low height places, because not that it only dissolves the surface, but also reflects everything around the room. Such effect significantly enlarges the area visually, providing illusion of an endless height.



low ceiling room with backlit tv mount and custom wall mural


black mold on the ceiling cover with reflective stretch ceiling


ceiling water damage - stretch ceiling water leak solution


luxury hot tub room with reflective stretch ceiling in the basement

Areas with low or uneven ceilings are difficult to renovate since it limits not just initial visual perception, but design ideas as well. Some alternatives can be more difficult to install or more expensive to implement. Others are cheap but provide quick fixes or may contribute further to ceiling height degradation in the future. Stretch ceilings provide an answer to these problems in a number of ways.

Stretch ceilings can take on a number of different textures such as matte, satin, metallic or gloss – the latter heightens and brightens the space considerably. The reflection of the light on a reflective ceiling magnifies the amount of light that is spread throughout the space, ensuring that there are little to no dark areas or corners in the room. Consequently, this minimises the number of light fixtures that need to be installed. It also provides the illusion of a larger space and a higher ceiling. When combined with recessed or backlit lighting, the amount of height ceiling degradation considerably lowers. It ‘dissolves’ the surface and reflects everything around the room. Such an effect significantly enlarges the area visually, providing the illusion of endless height.

custom swimming pool with reflective stretch ceilings

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