Plaza Awning in Rexdale

More uses for Laqfoil stretch ceiling! We recently installed a lovely smooth new ceiling outdoors on the underside of an awning for a strip mall at 2291 Kipling, here in Toronto. Changes in temperature and humidity don’t affect our membranes, so they’re perfect for this location, and for any indoor or outdoor ceiling, whether it’s in a climate controlled location or not. High humidity can lead to mould growth on porous materials, but our material is non-porous, so that’s not a problem. It also has static electrical qualities that repel dust and particulates, a common problem in a location like this where there’s lots of traffic around. Stretch it and forget it!

Laqfoil’s Black Stretch Ceiling

black reflective stretch ceiling Plaza Awning in Rexdale

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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