9 Different Types of Ceiling Design & Styles

Few elements will have a larger impact on the look and feel of rooms throughout your home than ceiling design. Going the extra mile to install a ceiling fixture that compliments the space and aesthetic of rooms throughout your home will work to create an inviting, awe-inspiring experience, and it’s an important item that should not be overlooked. Gone are the days of standard, flat, popcorn ceiling styles, and in order to maximize both your living space and the resale value of your home, it’s important to invest in things that matter.

In this article, we’re going to explore the nine most common types of ceilings, their designs, and styles, and discuss the unique characteristics and benefits of each. From ceiling styles as elegant as stretch and tray to those as grandiose as cathedral and dome, there is a ceiling style for every home.

1. Stretch Ceiling

Modern stretch ceiling design

Stretch ceilings are a wonderful modern alternative to traditional drywall. A stretch ceiling utilizes a track that gets installed into the perimeter walls of a room, a few inches below the ceiling line. A PVC film then clips into the perimeter a stretch to form a perfectly flat, firm-looking ceiling surface. Stretch ceilings are great due to their customizable nature, as virtually any design, image, or colorway can be mounted on the tracks. Usable in any room of your home, stretch ceilings are a way to create a personalized touch from children’s bedrooms to the living room and beyond.

2. Waffle Ceiling

Blue glossy reflective waffle ceiling

Waffle ceilings make use of exposed ceiling beams to create a grid-like pattern throughout a room. Similar to the coffered ceilings that we’ll discuss later in this article, waffle ceilings create a sunken square grid across the ceiling that allows for tremendous depth and visual appeal. Best paired with inset lighting and large rooms, waffle ceilings are a tremendous way of showcasing elegance and class.

3. Domed Ceiling

Timeless domed ceiling design

Domed ceilings are designed to resemble the shape of a half-sphere, appearing as though a ball were cut in half and placed atop the room. Domed ceiling designs are a wonderful way of creating an elegant centerpiece in any room, and when combined with a chandelier, can create a real sense of luxury. It should be noted that domed ceilings are best suited for larger rooms, like lobbies, entrances, and dining rooms.

4. Coffered Ceiling

Decorative coffered ceiling

A coffered ceiling makes use of a grid pattern to showcase sunken panels throughout a room. By dividing the ceiling into a uniform square grid, decorative molding can be placed to create a square-panel visual that offers depth. As a more traditional style, coffered ceilings are quite formal in nature. They are best used in large gathering areas such as dining rooms and lounges.

5. False Ceiling

False ceiling or drop ceiling

A false ceiling, otherwise known as a drop ceiling, is a ceiling that suspends from the actual supporting ceiling using metal channels. False ceilings are typically used for practical purposes, as they help to conceal services such as electrical wires, air conditioning ducts, lighting, and more. Although not the most exciting of ceilings at face value, false ceilings offer tremendous value to any room by way of cleanliness.

6. Tray / Recessed Ceiling

White tray ceiling or recessed ceiling from Laqfoil

A tray ceiling, otherwise known as a recessed ceiling, is one in which the center of the ceiling is propped higher than the border. This two-tiered visual is consistent with that of an upside-down tray, which is where the original name comes from. This ceiling type is wonderful for large rooms that make use of pot lights, as it allows for the creation of a dramatic lighting environment.

7. Beamed Ceiling

contemporary beamed ceiling design is very popular among ceiling types

Beamed ceilings make use of exposed load-bearing beams to create a timeless interior aesthetic. In modern homes, most beam-ceiling designs are completed with the use of fake beams that run the entire length of the enclosed space. It’s important to place beam ceilings with caution, as rooms that are too small or that have ceilings that are too low may cause the beams to create a claustrophobic experience.

8. Cathedral Ceiling

Large and spacious living room with amazing cathedral ceiling design

A cathedral ceiling is designed to look – as you may have guessed – like a cathedral. Using sloped sides that connect in the middle of a room, this ceiling type creates a large, airy space that is similar to timeless church architecture. Great for large spaces with ample lighting, this ceiling design is often larger-than-life and visually beautiful. One drawback to cathedral ceilings is that the height of the sloping sides makes it very difficult to access and maintain light fixtures, but it’s a small price to pay for a ceiling design that turns any room into an art piece.

9. Exposed Ceiling

Exposed ceiling from professionals at Laqfoil

Exposed ceilings are best utilized in industrial-styled homes where it’s reasonable to have exposed AC ducts, wires, and the like. For homes that benefit from visible internal concrete and brick, exposed ceilings are a wonderful way of continuing the industrial aesthetic. Oftentimes, homeowners will make use of piping, Edison bulbs, and other traditional industrial items to tie a living space together. What’s wonderful about exposed ceilings is that they are incredibly timeless and easy to maintain.

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