Popcorn Ceiling ‘Removal’ With a Stretch Ceiling

Regardless of the age or style of your home, the ceilings throughout are one of the most important elements when it comes to creating a beautiful, modern aesthetic. Most homeowners purchase a house that comes stock with outdated, worn ceilings, and it’s often quite unclear as to how high-quality changes can be made in an affordable manner. In this article, we’re going to explore the process of ‘removing’ dated popcorn ceilings in favor of more elegant alternatives.

What Are Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are the gritty, textured-looking ceilings that fill most 10-years of age or older. As a timeless design, they allowed builders to break the monotony of flat walls that connected to flat ceilings, creating a wonderful texture that improved home aesthetics. However, as time has passed, popcorn ceilings have become less and less popular. Due to their constant debris, the difficulty of cleaning, and dated visuals, many homeowners are opting for more modern, clean aesthetics. In order to succeed in this transition, there are two options: remove the popcorn ceiling using water and a scraper, or ‘remove’ the popcorn ceiling with the help of stretch ceiling solutions.

What Are Stretch Ceilings?

popcorn ceiling removal with a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are a modern ceiling type that allows for a quick and seamless transition towards flat, beautifully designed fixtures. Stretch ceilings work by installing a track into the perimeter walls of a room, a few inches below the ceiling line, and connecting a PVC film that extends the entire surface. Stretch ceilings are great due to their customizable nature, as virtually any design, image, or color can be mounted on the tracks. Thanks to their ease of installation and customization, stretch ceilings are an incredibly easy way to change the aesthetics of your home without having to go through the painstaking construction process.

How to ‘Remove’ a Popcorn Ceiling Using Stretch Ceiling Solutions

stretch ceiling installation by Laqfoil

As mentioned above, the traditional way of removing the popcorn ceiling was to wet the material and then scrape it off section by section. Not only does this process take a large amount of time, but it also makes a sizable mess in your home due to the ceiling debris and dust. With the help of stretch ceilings, however, it’s now possible to ‘remove’ a dated popcorn ceiling without having to actually remove it. By installing the mounting tracks a few inches below the current ceiling and installing a PVC stretch cover, you’ll effectively be covering the entire popcorn portion. This will allow for a seamless transition from a dated ceiling to a modern, custom-designed ceiling, without any of the traditional pains associated.

Benefits of Stretch Ceilings

Popcorn ceiling fixed by installing contemporary stretch ceiling design

As a modern solution to home ceiling design, stretch ceilings bring with them an array of benefits that can’t be found elsewhere. To begin, the installation process of stretch ceilings is far more efficient than that of alternatives. Due to the ease with which tracks and PVC sheets can be installed, a stretch ceiling can go up in rooms of your choice within a few hours. In addition to ease of installation and maintenance, stretch ceilings also offer the ability for enhanced design customization, a feature that exists using no other ceiling type.

Amazing stretch ceiling design as a great way to get rid of popcorn ceiling

Since the stretch ceiling itself can be swapped out quite seamlessly, you have the ability to place fresh colors, designs, graphics, and beyond, as frequently as you like. For formal areas, you can make use of beautifully printed ceiling styles, and for children’s rooms, you can explore incredibly superhero, nature, and sports imagery. If your goal is to create a home that is uniquely yours, stretch ceilings will be an important piece of the puzzle.

When it comes time to remove the popcorn ceilings throughout your home, it’s important that you find a solution that combines beautiful visuals with affordability. Laqfoil has specialized in the design and development of stretch ceilings and custom printed wall coverings for years, and with our expert design services, customer support, and craftsmanship, you’ll be taken care of from the moment we initially begin. To ensure that no ceiling design or style is unattainable, we’ll work with you to thoroughly review all project elements and pricing options beforehand. Additionally, at Laqfoil you can expect local high-quality materials, a 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all surface materials, a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all installations, honest and transparent pricing, professional services, and more. To learn more about our custom stretch ceiling solutions or to discuss an upcoming project, contact our team today!