Design Interior Possibilities Offered by Stretch Material Systems

If you’re an interior designer, builder or someone simply wanting to add some real character and style to any room you’re working on, there is perhaps no better way to achieve that than through the use of stretch materials for walls and ceilings. A room’s personality is very much determined by its furnishings, however, its walls and ceilings are an aspect that often gets overlooked.

Stretch ceiling products are available in a variety of different textures to include translucent, satin, matte, canvas, metallic or gloss – which can greatly brighten any room and make the ceiling appear higher than it really is. When combined with back-lighting, it’s able to create amazing new decorative and structural finishing effects once installed on ceilings and walls.

Photo Printing Technology

Amazing Custom Wall Mural by Laqfoil

The interior design possibilities for stretch materials go much further than this, however, as photo printing technology allows you to apply any chosen image or pattern onto the fabric. Able to be applied onto material with dimensions of up to 16 feet wide and an incredible 164 feet long – with no seams or connections involved – simply amazing results can be achieved.

What’s more, the material is porous, thanks to the high-tech weaving that’s used to create the canvas. This means that the area is able to ‘breathe’, removing the possibility that condensation forms around the installation. Laqfoil canvases are also chemically impregnated to increase durability, so that it stays looking great for years with minimal maintenance.

The Only Limit Is Your Own Imagination

When it comes to design interior products, stretch materials are amongst the most versatile available and its limitations are only the same as the bounds of your own imagination. Allowing designers to completely change the atmosphere of a room or simply improve the look of a space, the aesthetic benefits sometimes need to be seen to be believed.

Also, if you’re looking for an effective solution for concealing wall or ceiling imperfections, stretch materials are a great option, as they don’t simply solve the issue, but actively enhance how the room looks at the same time. When you add up all these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the solution for their homes and business premises.

Luxury Reflective Stretch Ceiling in Basement

A Proven Track Record Across Variety of Industries

Backlit Printed Ceiling by Laqfoil

At Laqfoil, we have more than a decade of experience in delivering high-quality design interior solutions, including custom stretch material wall and ceiling coverings and much more besides. During this time, we’ve established long-standing partnerships with architects, designers, builders and homeowners alike and we’ve worked across a wide range of niches and industries.

If you would like to know more about us or any of the services that we offer, please visit us online at There you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, a bit about our history and stunning examples of our past work. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about your requirements, simply call our friendly team on (416) 663 1708 today.