The ceilings throughout your home or business are an often underestimated but incredibly valuable way of creating a unique living space. Explore several of the most popular ceiling design ideas, styles, finishes, and lighting options available. Be sure to make note of the ones you fancy for when renovations arise!


As the focal point of any room in your home, ceiling designs are an incredibly important tool for creating a positive, warm and welcoming home environment. Like most other elements in your home, ceiling designs are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and rooms with varying aesthetics, spaces, and sizes will all require different ceiling design alternatives. When it comes to deciding on the ceiling designs that best fit your home, there are a handful of items you’re going to want to keep in mind.

First, you need to determine the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to create in each room. Given the multitude of ceiling design options available, spaces large and small will benefit from the use of different styles. For example, large rooms will pair well with grand ceiling designs, such as dome or cathedral ceilings, whereas smaller spaces will benefit from the likes of trays and exposed ceilings. That said, rooms both large and small will benefit from stretch ceilings, as they provide a modern design that is not bound by space.

Second, you’re going to want to consider the type of lighting each room will require, as that will weigh on the potential benefits of each ceiling style. Whether you’re interested in pot lights or a chandelier, there is a ceiling style suitable. It will in most cases, however, be up to you and your renovation specialist to determine which fits best.


To leave a lasting impression on guests, you’re going to want to invest in unique home ceiling designs. Finding design styles that match your home aesthetic may not always be easy, however, most traditional ceiling styles – such as the cathedral, exposed, beam, and the like – will be suitable for most home environments. If you’re looking to create a more personal, lasting ceiling design, you’re going to want to take advantage of stretch ceiling solutions, as they’ll allow you to customize the experience of every room in your home. Below are a few unique ceiling design ideas to consider for each of the major rooms in your house:

high gloss backlit stretch ceiling in modern kitchen


To create an elegant kitchen experience, you’re going to want to opt on the side of airiness. In order to succeed in this effort, you’ll want to opt for open-surface ceilings, such as exposed and cathedral ceiling types. Alternatively, the use of a light-colored stretch ceiling will also provide a wonderfully airy environment that can be changed should the design style alter over time.


Your dining room should be a beautiful space outfitted with a luxury ceiling design. To make the most of this area, look at using dome, beamed, or recessed ceiling styles. Alternatively, a stretch ceiling with an elegant print on it may also do the trick!

dining room luxury stretch ceiling design
contemporary ceiling design for living room


Your living room is a space designed for comfort. As such, your ceiling should work to create an airy comfort. Utilize beamed, exposed, or waffle ceilings to maximize the space. Alternatively, the use of a dark or neutral-colored stretch ceiling will also help to create a wonderfully welcoming living space.


As the most private room in your home, bedrooms are a space for full creativity. Utilize the beautiful designs styles of the cathedral, beamed, coffered, or waffle ceiling styles to create truly unique spaces. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a room-owner-specific design on a stretch ceiling surface, creating a bedroom that is truly unique to the individual who calls it theirs.

unique ceiling design for bedroom


Creative ceiling design for indoor pool

In order to implement truly unique ceiling designs throughout your home, you’ll be best to take advantage of modern stretch ceiling solutions. Thanks to a simple track and PVC sheet installation process, stretch ceilings allow for effective, easily alterable, fully customizable ceiling designs. Due to the PVC sheet construction, you’ll be able to have custom printed imagery that spans corner to corner.

Whether you’re looking for elegant print designs to fit a dining room, or playful character and color-focused designs to bring a child’s room to life, no idea is off-limits.

Ceiling decor ideas for child's room
Unique two tone ceiling design for kitchen

In addition to offering superior customization options, stretch ceilings also allow for easy installation and maintenance at an incredibly affordable price. Unlike traditional ceiling types, which require hours of dedicated installation time, stretch ceilings offer a streamlined process. This allows for less downtime during construction and results in more affordable ceiling solutions.


Basement Ceiling Ideas

  • starry night ceilings by laqfoil team
    Starry night ceilings provide a beautiful, spacious ambience to any room in your home. Particularly useful for dark, cozy rooms, a starry sky ceiling will create a unique experience unlike anything before it.

Home Office & Family Room Ceiling Ideas

  • Amazing printed ceiling and wall mural
    Create the home office of your dreams with unique perforated stretch ceilings. The laser cut designs will allow for completely custom ceiling installations that can be applied over any pre-existing finish.

Bedroom & Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

  • amazing bedroom with printed ceiling
    Custom printed stretch ceilings are a wonderful way of creating a unique, vibrant space. Here is a purple and white floral design that allows for a warm, comforting bedroom experience.

Kitchen & Dining Room Ceiling Ideas

  • backlit printed ceiling in custom kitchen
    Bring the outdoors in with the help of a custom printed stretch ceiling. This nature-inspired piece allows for incredible light circulation and positive energy throughout the space.

Game Room & Kids Room Ceiling Ideas

  • amazing game room with custom printed stretch ceiling
    Upgrade your game room with a custom printed stretch ceiling that has linear lights attached. This modern, marbled texture creates an experience unlike most ceilings you’ll encounter.


Restaurant & Bar Ceiling Ideas

  • amazing wall mural in custom restaurants
    Create a beautiful restaurant centerpiece with the help of a custom printed ceiling installation. Any images and sizes can be designed and implemented to create a truly unique experience.

Meeting Room & Reception Area Ceiling Ideas

  • luxury office with back lit stretch ceiling glossy
    This beautiful backlit blue-smoke printed ceiling creates an inspiring boardroom experience that will have your team energized around the office.

Commercial Building Ceiling Ideas

  • multilevel with reflective stretch ceiling
    Create a bright, joyful space with white reflective ceilings. This abstract design will add an elegant touch to your business space and provide a unique customer experience.

Swimming Pool Ceiling Ideas

  • black stretch ceiling mirror effect and orange back-lit in equinox pool
    Upgrade your home pool with a reflective, backlit ceiling. This mirror-like finish will create a beautiful pool reflection that illuminates the room, and customizable backlighting allows for full control over ambience.