It’s time to take a closer look at stretch ceilings as a stylish and affordable alternative! Breathtaking to behold and customizable to your heart’s content, stretch ceilings are a great accessory for your home or business.

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We can easily install our top-quality stretch ceiling systems in any room. Ask our design experts for inspirational ideas to instantly transform your bedroom, living room, dining room, or basement into an unforgettable spot to make endless memories with family and loved ones.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a condo, house, retail space or a restaurant, if you can dream it, we can build it!

As New York City’s preferred installer of stretch ceilings, the experienced team at LAQFOIL is with you every step of the way. We start you off with a free consultation. From there, our stretch ceiling experts will be with you from design to installation, answering every question and addressing any concerns.

Stretch Ceilings Benefits

Stretch Ceiling Interior Design New York

Stretch ceilings are so popular because they can be installed in as little as a single day. Our crews work quickly, efficiently and very safely to put up your desired ceiling with minimal disruption to the homeowner. Our fully certified professionals don’t get bogged down by existing HVAC and electrical work. We work around it to give you a hassle-free installation experience.

laqfoil team is Covering up Stucco by applying reflective stretch ceiling New York

All the materials we use in your stretch ceiling are certified fire-resistant, falling in line with all local safety codes and regulations. You can enjoy your new stretch ceiling with complete peace of mind because our stretch ceiling systems are also resistant to water and moisture. For even more protection, our specialists can add sealant product so your stretch ceiling can withstand harsh humidity. We offer all these measures guaranteed to prevent costly damages and leaks in your home.

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LAQFOIL stretch ceiling systems use specialized attachments that make them very easy to remove. If you’re moving or swapping the design, you’ll find that your walls and ceilings will remain undamaged by our innovative design and installation process. Bottom line: You won’t get saddled with any costly repairs!

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Our stretch ceiling systems and other products are made from 100% recyclable materials. All of the materials we use are non-toxic and won’t hurt the environment.

Stretch Ceiling Installation New York

Homeowners love stretch ceilings for their many benefits to the aesthetics of a home. They can add a burst of vibrant colour, eye-pleasing textures and most importantly, increased lighting.

Our Products

Durable Materials by Laqfoil

People prefer LAQFOIL stretch ceiling systems over others because our materials are so durable. Even in rooms with fluctuating temperatures and heavy humidity, we guarantee that our stretch ceiling systems will last as long as you want them to. A stretch ceiling can add something special to any room in a home or business, including:

Living Rooms
Dining Rooms
Rec Rooms
Retail Spaces
Waiting Rooms

After you’ve decided on the location of your stretch ceiling, our design and style experts will help you determine which materials best suit your vision. It depends on some environmental factors and your desired outcome for space. Here are just a few brilliant benefits to take advantage of:

Additional lighting, especially helpful in basement rec rooms
Soundproofing for your home theatre
Insulation for personal comfort and great energy savings
Stretch Ceiling Company New York

From special 3D effects to beautiful tiles and even starry sky murals, we offer the widest range of materials and design options to build your dream stretch ceiling. If you’re undergoing a renovation or you’re just tired of staring at stucco, stretch ceiling systems from LAQFOIL are the easiest and most affordable way to meet all of your ceiling needs. They are unique, beautiful and great conversation starters!

Choose from our robust catalogue of exclusive colours and patterns to go with any home’s decor. Got a room that you think might be a challenge? Our talented teams love a good challenge! We will tackle all the crazy curves and extreme angles your project might offer. No matter what, we will find a way to install a stretch ceiling you’ll love to show off.

Why Choose Us

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We are New York’s number one installer of stretch ceiling systems because of our reputation for top-notch customer service. From the first time we meet to discuss your vision, to installation and even clean-up afterwards, we will treat every question and concern with care. We are compliant with all health and safety codes to give you a worry-free renovation experience.

Get in touch today and tell us how we can make your dreams come true.