Muzik Night Club

The wait is over! Time for the much-anticipated reveal of our latest creation!

The location is Muzik Nightclub, and our creation, a ceiling-suspended installation consisting of eight oversized LED-lit colour-changing pendant sculptures (Modular Structures) were installed in time for Muzik’s Official MMVA prelaunch party with Taboo (of the Black Eyed Peas).

Modular Structures by Laqfoil

backlit custom modular structure in a night club

Tough, flexible translucent stretch membrane was used to cover lightweight aluminum framing 5’ tall and 5’ square on the bottom, then an opaque black high gloss insert 4’ square was added to the bottom surface of each lamp to prevent direct glare, making the pieces purely atmospheric.

The installation works perfectly in Toronto’s newest young upscale large club, originally designed by Precipice Studio Inc.

Stretch ceiling membrane isn’t just for ceilings! It can be stretched over any rigid frame to make three-dimensional sculptural forms with sharp, rigid lines where the framing is, and graceful flowing curves where the membrane takes its own shape between supports. Whatever the size of your space is, we can add something to maximize its impact!

multi color modular structures by laqfoil

–Esther Yates-Abrams
Marketing + Communications
Laqfoil Ltd.
20 Magnetic Dr., Unit # 2
Toronto, Ont. M3J 2C4

Photos from The Project


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