Multilevel Stretch Ceiling – Equinox, Hudson Yards, NY

Equinox building in day time

The Equinox group of buildings is by far the largest project undertaken in Manhattan. Located in Hudson Yards, Equinox consists of eight buildings and an artistic structure, The Vessel, a New York landmark that was opened in March 2019. These buildings were part of a Hudson Yards renovation project that was years in the making. Within the Equinox building complex is the Equinox Hotel. This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in New York city, and offers multiple complementary services to both its usual patrons and its new guests. Around the hotel, other landmarks can also be found, such as The Shed, a cultural center for the performing arts, visual arts and pop culture, and The High Line, a greenery-abundant pathway above the usual crowded streets of Manhattan. The establishment of the Equinox building complex revitalised the area and brought new life to the city.

Laqfoil’s Reflective Stretch Ceilings

Equinox multilevel orange backlit reflective black ceiling

Our team at Laqfoil worked alongside PBDW Architects (New York), interior designers Yabu Pushelberg (New York) and Joyce Wang Studio (Hong Kong), and the senior designer, Jonathan Perkins, to create a one-of-a-kind ceiling design for the Equinox Hotel. The stretch ceilings in the reception, fitness and pool areas are one of the most eye-catching features of the building.

These panels are made of the same PVC-based stretched material advertised on our website. Here, reflective stretch ceilings have been implemented in such a way that not only compliments the overall design and aesthetic of the building, but also to create an illusion of space and ceiling height. Light fittings are also reflected on multi-level stretch ceiling panels, ensuring that, while ceiling height degradation is inevitable, it does not seem as if the space is smaller. This is due to the reflective surface of the stretch ceiling, which makes the surface appear virtually endless. This is then accentuated by lighting around the layer closest to the actual ceiling surface. The ceiling design from the reception area also causes the reflection of the interior, from the floor up to the 34th ceiling. This infinity ceiling further adds to the perceived size and height of the Equinox Hotel.

Equinox orange backlit reflective stretch ceiling

To further highlight the use of stretch ceilings in Equinox, Laqfoil also installed a reflective stretch ceiling in the fitness and pool areas. While adding to the aesthetic appeal, the stretch ceiling also has several functional uses: preventing the growth of mold and mildew in high-humidity areas, as well as ensuring that the strong smell of chemical vapours from the pool do not linger within the space. This is particularly important when considering fitness clubs, pools and spa ceilings.

The waterproof surface of PVC-based stretch ceilings allows it to remain resistant to the growth of micro- and macro-organisms, such as fungi, that thrive on humid surfaces.

Overall, the use of stretch ceilings are also vital in maintaining a bearable noise level throughout the building, as they are sound-absorbent. This is another reason why the installation of stretch ceilings was vital for Equinox: as it receives a lot of foot traffic, it is also prone to high levels of noise pollution. It can be a safety hazard in some areas, such as the swimming pool area, where sound levels are vital in determining the safety of others in the pool. The sound-absorbent quality of stretch ceilings maintains the clarity of communications in indoor pools, so that the appropriate individuals can provide aid and support, should it be necessary.

black stretch ceiling mirror effect and orange back-lit in equinox pool

Stretch ceilings were vital to the construction of one of the most artful creations in the urban jungle of Manhattan. Not only did it provide visual charm, it also has a vital function for this vibrant, public space. In a city where high-rise buildings and engineered wonders are plentiful, our team at Laqfoil were proud to contribute to adding another architectural feat to the bustling surrounds of New York city.

About Laqfoil

laqfoil team preparing the ceiling to cover stucco with stretch material

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