DCR’s Head Office Shines With New Colours After The Implementation Of Stretch Ceilings.

In North America, the majority of corporate office buildings are equipped with suspended ceiling tiles by default. While it may indeed be a practical solution, it is worth mentioning that the ceilings play a significant role in the interior of both corporate and residential premises. A well-chosen design alone can set a motivating environment in the workplace for both staff and the clients.

When it comes to corporate office renovations at some point we all face the same question – “What to do with ceiling tiles?”

photo of office hallway before

Usually, the first solution that comes to mind is drywall ceilings; everyone is familiar with the product and already know what result to expect. However, such acquaintance can also appear as a downfall since the overall picture will be no different than the ‘next-door office’. Moreover, those who already had experience with drywall know that the installation process is not time-efficient and leaves quite a bit of a mess. This is when Laqfoil’s stretch ceilings come to the rescue.

With the help of Laqfoil’s innovative ceiling solutions the DCR head office was transformed from plain drop tiles to ‘happy smiles’.

reception area with amazing white and black high gloss multilevel stretch ceiling

At the beginning of April 2020, Laqfoil Ltd. started working on the concept of stretch ceilings implementation in the DCR head office located within an A-class office complex in Mississauga. With the valuable input from DCR president and co-founder Diana Fletcher and her marketing team, Laqfoil developed the ceilings designs in individual office spaces, corridors, and reception area using Laqfoil’s reflective PVC stretch ceilings in a monochromatic colour combination that not only suits the design of each area but created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

There’s more to stretch ceilings than its eye-catching appearance.

open space office with reflective stretch ceiling

When Diana Fletcher first contacted Laqfoil Ltd. seeking a modernistic ceiling solution to fit within the DCR office, she hardly expected to receive an additional benefits package to custom design that comes with stretch ceilings installation. Aside from the replacement of ceiling tiles with the individually developed design of stretch ceiling coverings, the premises of DCR also ended up having complementary acoustical improvements that are in great demand in modern corporate environments. 

black glossy stretch ceiling in office building toronto

Once installed, Laqfoil’s stretch fabric absorbs up to 25% of the noise, resulting in better acoustics in the space and eliminating echo in areas with high ceilings, which is 29% of the result that you achieve with Laqfoil’s acoustic stretch ceilings product line.

Laqfoil is proud to have worked with talented Diana Fletcher and her team, who made us feel welcomed starting from day one. By our combined efforts, and mutual trust we were able to successfully enrich DCR premises with modern ceiling technologies that will continue to please the eye for years to come.

high gloss stretch ceiling in custom office

Here at Laqfoil, we treat every project as a gem while putting our souls into the process to achieve the best results.

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