Ceiling Design Ideas – A Fast and Clean Way to Finish or Renew Your Ceiling

Just like anything else, when it comes to ceilings, we are faced with a lot of options on how to renovate or update it. From ceiling paneling and ceiling tiles to painting what is already there, the options that exist today give room for a lot of choices.

Stretch Ceilings by Laqfoil

multilevel stretch ceiling in amazing living room

I would like to focus on one particular option that exists today, a popular choice of ceiling finishing which will soon be found in almost all residential and commercial interiors. It’s called stretch ceilings – one of the cleanest and fastest ways to finish your ceiling. It is an innovative solution for finishing both ceilings and walls creating an ideally smooth surface.

backlit reflective stretch ceiling in custom swimming pool area

A lot of homes consist of white popcorn ceiling, and we got so used to these white ceilings, that we often forget about other colors exist. The large range of colors and textures offered by Universal Stretch Ceilings will meet any environment – home or business. They will improve acoustics in the room enhancing the environment with it’s aesthetic look.

amazing bathroom with multilevel reflective stretch ceiling

Choosing a ceiling, just like choosing a perfect wall color requires time and patience, but the final result is worth it. Universal Stretch Ceilings has stretch ceilings in white available, for those who are having the hard time choosing.

Universal Stretch Ceilings are custom made for each room individually.  

Covered by 10 year guarantee, this ceiling is waterproof, will not absorb any smell or dirt, and can be easily cleaned with water and light detergents if need to. Universal Stretch Ceilings are the only option that will allow such a large choice in style, color, durability, and a fast installation. They are the perfect ceiling for any room.

amazing backlit Starry Sky Ceiling in basement home theater


What is LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling?