Art Ceilings and Unique Installations

Ceiling painting has been popular for centuries. From as early as 1450 to today, ceiling art has been used in decorating the interior space. Beautiful, remarkable works of art can be found in many museums throughout the world and can inspire wonderful creations in your own home.

Universal Stretch Ceilings

Universal Stretch Ceilings offers creative solutions for interior decorating. With the possibility to have any image printed on your ceiling. Any room can become a more enjoyable place to be will bring positivity into the environment.

3d stretch ceiling Starry Sky in custom basement toronto

Many people neglect their ceiling while focusing only on the walls, and it’s no wonder – with so many beautiful decorations for walls, ceilings are often left behind blank. But haven’t we often looked up at the sky during day or night and thought how beautiful it is? Just imagine looking up at your ceiling at home and seeing those white puffy clouds arranged in the way YOU want or, a fantasy world with stars and galaxies all within your reach

backlit printed ceiling in custom kitchen

Absolutely ANYTHING can be printed on your ceiling and because installation of stretch ceilings is fast and mess-free, there is no worry about moving any of the furniture or covering it from the dust that’s usually associated with renovations. Universal Stretch Ceilings offers a high-quality product at an affordable price. Universal’s painted ceilings can be used in absolutely any environment – from commercial to residential.

custom printed ceiling with wall murals in luxury restaurant

Just imagine looking at a beautiful ceiling art at a hair salon, while having your hair washed, or waking up in the morning and looking at a beautiful view just above you!

Let Universal Stretch Ceilings create a beautiful ceiling for you, and you will be surprised at how much more enjoyable your environment will become. Ceiling art has been around for 500 years, isn’t it time to have your ceiling decorated?


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