Laqfoil Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, supplying, servicing and installing stretch fabric products for commercial & residential use.

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Laqfoil Ltd. is a diverse, highly advanced and the only company in North America that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, servicing and installing stretch fabric products.

Stretch fabrics became popular and frequently used among professionals in design, engineering and architecture. Today, Laqfoil offers the very same highly advanced stretch fabrics that can be applied in your very own home.

Stretch fabric technology is fairly new to the design and build industry in North America. Installing stretch fabrics is process that can be accomplished as fast as few days, and the results are breathtaking. From Acoustic Ceilings, Backlit Ceilings and Walls, Reflective Ceilings, Perforated Ceilings and much more, stretch fabric is an extremely versatile product for any design application.

Why Homeowners Choose to Work with Stretch Fabric Technology

Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

One way to get rid of popcorn ceilings is to scrape them down and the process is quite pricy with a whole lot of mess. Another way is to simply cover your popcorn ceiling with a stretch ceiling.

Using stretch fabrics as your ceiling are not just aesthetically attractive, but they are also highly practical. Instead of opting for tiles, drywall, or the good ol’ popcorn ceiling, homeowners use stretch fabrics to cover up any imperfections in ceilings while giving the space an instant wow factor.

If your ceiling is shaped irregularly, no problem. Stretch ceilings can accommodate to any shape or form.

Applying stretch ceiling will lower your ceiling by as little as an inch, and it is a quick and beautifully aesthetic way to get rid of popcorn ceilings.

laqfoil team installing stretch fabric on the ceiling
amazing living room with multilevel red reflective stretch ceiling

Ample of Lighting

Stretch fabrics compatible with different types of light fixtures which can be installed on top of the stretch fabric, allowing the homeowner to place lights in a more convenient layout.

When applied, stretch fabrics can be carefully trimmed on site to accommodate lighting, whether it is pot lights, strip lights and more.

Electrical wiring can be easily extended and hidden under the stretch fabric to maintain a clean-looking ceiling that’s also visually appealing at the same time.

A Movie or Two

Nowadays more and more homeowners choose to avoid the public theatre and choose to stay home to watch their favorite movie in their very own home theater. Stretch fabrics are an amazing acoustic treatment that can be installed to the ceilings and walls to improve acoustics. They neutralize sound and distribute it evenly, making such areas sonically pleasing in addition to their beautiful aesthetic design.

bak lit Starry Sky Ceilings in custom home theater

Our Line of Stretch Fabric Products

Laqfoil’s Advantages

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Being in the industry for over 11 years, we have built our reputation and gained our credibility for our professionalism, hard work and dedication to our clients. Working with us includes:

  • Canadian manufacturing and supply
  • Professional customer service and support
  • Quick lead time on production
  • Installation service
  • Free estimation quote
  • 15-year warranty policy

We look forward to responding to your requests. Contact us directly via email or phone to learn more about our products.

Peek at Our residential Projects


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Family Rooms

Kitchen & Dining

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